Hello Hello! I have so much to share with you!

We are wrapping up this year on a good ass note! In this post I will be sharing a brand all about gratitude, manifestation, confidence, positivity, and self-love.

Shaped By You Lingerie

I first found out about this brand through twitter. I took my time exploring the page and felt that their mission aligned with mine. A brand all about embracing curves, self-love, and manifesting what you truly want from life. This is shown throughout the entire site. Gorgeous models. Angel numbers. Crystals. You can truly find all of that here. Once I found out that they were accepting Brand Ambassadors, I sent them an email. A prompt response was sent telling me that I would be speaking with the CEO of the brand over the phone.

That was a GREAT sign. I love when the creator of a brand is hands on. That shows me that you care about your brand and you’re completely aware of everything going on. Shaterra L. Williams, the gorgeous woman behind the brand, is who I spoke with. She was very professional and down to earth. We discussed mental health as well. She made it very clear that I could contact her at any time if there was something going on. I left our conversation feeling excited to represent her brand. A few days later and I now have a lingerie set and promo code to share with you! (Promo Code: LUCAS20)

The set that I will be reviewing today is called ‘High Vibrational‘. It’s a two piece lime green fishnet set. There are hemp leaves imprinted all throughout the top and bottom. The material is extremely stretchy and comfortable. This particular piece is see through and I wish I had found my oui’d pasties before I started taking pictures. Couldn’t find them, but next time they will be in the photo.

I’m a oui’d lover myself so I was floored when she sent me this one. Didn’t think I mentioned it over the phone, but it was funny to me how she just KNEW. I would say you can be lenient with sizing for this one. That material is indeed going to STRETCH. Soft, stretchy, comfortable material. I’m not usually into two pieces, but I felt so sexy and happy in this. This isn’t the first time I’m wearing it. When I first put it on I walked around my apartment taking plenty of videos, and some photos. I was blessed with natural sunlight through my windows so I was definitely taking advantage.

If you’re a fellow stoner babe, I IMPLORE you to get this one.

I’m happy to be a brand ambassador for Shaped By You Lingerie. Happy and proud. I truly can’t get over the first conversation I had with Shaterra. She cares about her brand and all of those involved. I can’t wait to see further growth from this brand and I’m so excited to be involved! 💕

Thank you for reading! Thank you for stopping by and chilling with me. I know it’s a bit late in the day. I was running around trying to find manga. Found the latest Junji Ito. Got the first installment of Chainsaw Man. Had them order Lovesickness by Junji Ito for me. I would have ordered the second installment for Chainsaw Man, but girl they couldn’t do that. It’s up and it’s stuck for these manga artists, forreal.

Also….I’m going to be on podcast! We are recording the episode tomorrow, and I’ll double check when everything goes live. There will be audio and visual. I’m excited to get on there and do my thing! And probably a little nervous. Mostly excited. Either way, it’s gonna be a good jawn.

See you next time babes.💕

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