Vinyl Savage

Finishing up these vinyl reviews aaaannnnddd dropping some new info on yah💕

I couldn’t get enough of the latest SavageXFenty fashion show. One collection in particular slammed me into a chokehold. That collection being the vinyl collection. I’ve covered a few pieces, and now I’m going to cover the remaining few.

Leather Tease Vinyl Strapless Teddy (Large)

Leather Tease Vinyl Bustier (Large)

Leather Tease Vinyl Booty Short (XLarge)

Make a Scene Vinyl Gloves

Now I’m giving you some photos of the gloves. When you get them all the way on they look AMAZING. It’s going to be a challenge, but you can do it. They may feel too tight at first, but keep stretching and reaching through the material. You will get there to that sleek skin tight look. My only issue with them is that it’s hard to use them when it comes to touch screens. I ended up using Nezukos’ paw to swipe through music. (I thanked her profusely and let her know she was a valuable member of the team.) Other than that I don’t have anything negative to say about them.

This bustier is giving waist trainer. It’s a little tight, and I think sizing up would have given me a better fit. Quite easy to put on if you’re used to the snap and pull around method. It’s not like it was crushing ribs and I couldn’t breathe. It fits, but I wonder if the fit could have been better. My tits look succulent and that’s always a plus. Also I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my previous vinyl post, but this material is hot. Hot as in once I got done taking photos/videos I was sweaTY. So keep that in mind when you purchase. It’s perfect lingerie for the fall/winter, tbh.

The boyshorts I got in a XL because I wanted a comfortable fit no matter what. With these anyway. In my experience sizing up is better than sizing down. And bitch I was right. Fell in love with these the minute I put them on. My booty was looking right and those curves were being shaped. I have the shorts on just by themselves because I didn’t like the look of them with the bustier. These would look better with the other bra counterparts. Or if you like it with the bustier? Do you. There’s no wrong way to do any of this.

Now this teddy? I remember stopping everything and looking for it the minute I saw it on that runway. I was foaming at the mouth. Screaming, crying, throwing up; I had to have it. I checked the website frantically and it was nowhere to be found. Then October 1st came around. And would you know it. This very teddy was in the Xtra VIP box. Bitch I fell out.

Once I recovered, I bought the teddy.

I will be completely honest, it didn’t really live up to my hype. It’s a high leg teddy with a snap button closure on the back. When I first put it on, I thought I had a weird torso. Wasn’t my torso I just needed to pull it all the way up until it couldn’t go anymore. That’s what you gotta do. Pull it onto the body to really get that good fit. Pull with the power of Zeus. Don’t mind doing the work, just don’t want the work.

Hello! Hello!! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Thank you for taking the time out to read my words. It’s always appreciated💕

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