Fetish Of The Month: Macrophilia

More commonly known as the Giant Fetish. This fetish is one of my favorites. Whether it’s creating clips, customs, or interacting with subs in general, I enjoy to use this fetish in play.

(Featured image is a fan edit from a tiny! Compared to others they have done for me, this one is pretty extreme. Personally, I enjoy extreme domination. It’s not for everyone, and I get consent from all parties engaged.)

Macrophiliia is when an individual is sexually aroused by the thought of giants! Any gender can take any role in this fetish.

In this fetish, I take on the role of the Giantess. My servants? *tinies. My joy comes from exerting my power over tinies and using them. Squishing them. Crushing them between my toes. Sitting on them. Torturing them. Devouring them. Tricking them into shrinking for me. They do whatever I want because there’s no fighting a Giant Goddess.

Growing, shrinking, and *vore are words you may have heard buzzing around this fetish. Growing and/or shrinking help create the scene. This helps emerge yourself in the scene. Tinies may enjoy seeing their Giantess grow before them. They most likely love the idea of their Giantess shrinking them. Either or, both, whatever suites yah fancy.

Some tinies want to be devoured. Completely consumed by the Giantess. Slowly drawing out the torture, flashing the inside of your mouth to them, swallowing them, and then talking about digesting your tiny meal. Visually, this fetish plays out well through fan edits, low camera angles, tiny props, and/or special effects. Special effects aren’t necessary, but it gives you more creative liberty.

You can also shrink someone financially and mentally. This is playing on that power exchange heavy. You shrink a persons world when you limit what they can do financially. You don’t need a ray gun to make someone feel small. I’ve broken men down with just my words. Consensually, of course.

Just like with every fetish, different people enjoy different things. There are those who enjoy vore and those that don’t. Not all tinies get off on humiliation and torture. Some want to be nurtured.

Either way, all parties need to consent to participate.

Giantess – a giant Woman.

tinies – those who play the role of the teeny tiny person.

Vore – sexual arousal from the idea of being eaten by someone. Most often devoured whole.

More Educational Info

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The Best Giantess Porn: A Complete Guide

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I was so excited this fetish won the poll! Make sure you get a chance to check out the links above. You can see how others play with the fetish. Also get some insight from those who take the tiny position.

This week was a little off. Things are getting done, but I’m still overthinking some content. Ridiculous. Hate it. Oh! In some good ass news though?! My Daki cosplay came in. I have yet to try it on because I’m pretty spent to tell you the truth. Woke up the other day with muscle pain around my chest area.

Skincare post is loading. I’ve been pole dancing more to ease anxiety. Been staying up late building and decorating cute homes for my Sims. Really living life yah know?

Now I gotta think about what ya’ll kinky freaky fucks wanna hear about for February🧐 I’m always open to suggestions! DM or shout me out on Twitter and let me know what you want to read! @LucasInLingerie

What do you think of this months fetish? Are you a tiny? Are you a Giantess? Looking forward to try it out? Lemme know in the comments.

Thank you so much for hanging out and reading my writing! 💕 It’s always a pleasure to have you here. See you next time, babes💕

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