Goddess Vibes

Today I’m bringing you a piece from ShapedByYouLinigerie. Feel free to use my code ‘LUCAS20’ at checkout. 😊

Goddess Vibe

I love this piece so much and I couldn’t wait to write about it. You’ve probably seen this fishnet dress all over my IG and twitter. I truly can’t get enough of it. I was floored to open my package and see, that it was indeed, a fishnet maxi dress. I’m a HUGE fan of maxi dresses. They’re great to throw on for something quick and panties become optional.

Being that it’s a fishnet maxi dress, it is completely see through. Panty and bra are not included. If you have piercings (surface, nipple, dermal, genital) on your body, you may want to take great care wearing this one. I have my nipples pierced and didn’t feel like any snag action. Thankfully I have a bra where they can be seen and protected. Pasties can also help if you want to keep piercing snag to a minimum.

This piece of lingerie is undeniably sexy. Sexy and versatile! You don’t just have to wear it in the bedroom. I wore this in Puerto Rico for a smoke sesh with my peoples. 😊

It can also be worn as beach cover up, loungewear, or something sexy for the club. It’s a piece that can be layered or worn as is. I implore you to purchase this one yourself, customize your look, take some pics, and show the fuck out!

I’m so happy to have you here with me! I took a trip to Puerto Rico with some friends and had the greatest time of my life. I was in great company, ate bomb ass food, road horses, took a bioluminescence kayak tour, and stayed at some dope ass places. I will be returning to some for longer periods of time, TRUST.

I had so much fun out there. My flights were easy both coming and going. It was truly a good jawn. Despite covid restrictions I do want to travel more. It’s going to take some planning because I am disgustingly busy, but I want to take time for some leisurely trips.

Thank you for sliding through to read this review. Your presence is always appreciated. πŸ’•

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