Vinyl Vixen

Ya’ll getting posts and consistency from me, and that’s on period.

Low-Cut Balconette Bra (36 C)

Make A Scene Vinyl Gloves (XS-XL)

Leather Tease Vinyl Bikini (L)

Thikker Thigh High Vinyl Stockings (M-L)

First of all, this might just be my favorite collection from SavageX of the year. It’s giving super villain, league of villains. I was up in the mirror trying to figure out my quirk. Gloves are not pictured because I didn’t want my nails to rip them. I did try them on and they are a GREAT fit. Can’t do much of taking photos in them though. Unless you have a clicker. Anyway, let’s get into everything.

The bra leaves the titties SITTING. Perky and perfect. It does have some padding. Not the kind that triples your bra size, but enough to give some lift. The vinyl isn’t constricting at all, you have plenty of room to move around. I was worried about the panties, but they are quite comfortable. Not constricting nor do they cut deep into the skin when you move around. The buttons are a cute feature. A pair of stretchy shiny panties.

These damn stockings. I knew they were going to be a good jawn the minute I saw them. Sure enough ladies and gentlemen they ARE a 10/10. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE FOR MY THICK THIGH DARLINGS. I have huge thighs and it’s always hard for me to find some that stay up and look good. Not at SavageXFenty though. Oh at SavageXFenty the thick thigh girls are living. So yes, grab these. Even if you just get these, and put JUST these on, you’ll feel sexy as fuck.

The gloves aren’t pictured but I did try them on. Beautiful gloves. Great gloves. Very much so giving sexy mad scientist. Another great investment because they can add some spice to other simple pieces.

*WHOOPS* Gotta make an update.

So here’s what happened. When I originally made this post I didn’t attach any images. 🥲. I AM SO SORRY FOR THAT! Here in these photos you can clearly see the gloves, bra, and thigh high stockings. What is pictured here, for bottoms, are the booty shorts. The bikini is in the featured image. Honestly I like the booty shorts more.

Will you be seeing more of this green Vinyl? Yes. Period. I love the gloves and stockings so much that I got them in black. You can read my review on the other vinyl pieces here.

Let me tell you something, that VIP box was SNATCHED from under me girl. I got the same style in a different color. So she will be discussed, but damn that was crazy. I was sick.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! Thank you for being a reader of my blog! For you, many great things will come.

To see more photos and keep up with everything coming, follow me on IG😊


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