Ribbon Writing Collection

Getting out of my own head, I’m just going to start writing. I have many a review for you.

Hope you’re doing well, and thank you for joining me back here at itsthegartersforyou. Decided to have a photoshoot this evening. Got some new lights, and I’m creating a space for content. Filming, photoshoots, that kind of thing. I’m not that great at decorating unless it’s the Sims so I’m taking my time with this. But as I sat there snapping away photos for Onlyfans, I thought this piece would be great to review!

Ribbon Writing Unlined Lace Quarter Cup Bra (36C)

Ribbon Writing Lace Brazilian with Removable Tie (L)

Don’t Cross Me Full-Leg Harness (XS-XL)

I feel like when I got this I couldn’t really enjoy it like I wanted to. I was really fond of the blue and pink. So obviously I had to get everything that came out. I also have the pasties, crotchless panties, lace balconette bra, and the teddy. I’ll make sure to talk about that teddy at some point before this month is up.

Before I even sat down and started taking photos, I knew this was a good jawn. I ditched the pasties, and waist tie. Pasties weren’t cooperating with my new nails. Waist tie just wasn’t cooperating. I admired my final look in the mirror. Bra, panty, leg harness. I managed to finesse the bra so only a smidgen of nipple poked out. I was looking scrumptious.

So this quarter cup lace bra. The point is for your nipples to be out. I only photographed as is because the pasties weren’t working for me. Doesn’t mean they won’t ever work, it’s my nails. They are reusable and come with 4 strips of adhesive. I use small strips of boob tape. It would have been very cute for photos, But these nails made it hard to peel off the back pieces. Bra works just as fine, if not better, without the pasties.

The panties are stretchy and somewhat see through. In photos, not so much. It’s if you’re staring up close and personal, then you can see some cooch. The tie is removable so you can use it however you wish. Enjoy that detail. Really gives you more room to play with the entire collection. They are Brazilian cut, but ended up being a thong by the time I was done with everything. Didn’t mind it, still comfortable due to the material. Also, thongs are usually my style of choice, so I could be biased.

Now the leg harness. Unfortunately, they aren’t available in the bright pink anymore. There is an option for the harness in white. There are only a few sizes left, but these are very stretchy. I have pretty big thighs. I have difficulty finding things such as thigh highs. The band on these is what I think the band is on thigh highs when I buy them. Only this time I wasn’t disappointed. Not only are they stretchy, they are adjustable. So if the stretch isn’t enough, you can adjust for more stretch. I’m in love with these. (To be completely honest I don’t know if I should refer to said harness as a single item or a pair. The website says harness and not harnesses so I think I’m safe in my singular tone.)

So change can be scary, but sometimes it is needed. I’ve been changing small habits here and there, and shifting focus. As far as content goes, I have been stuck in my head. Writing, filming, makeup. Just stuck in my head about shit I know I can do. What does one do in these moments of doubt? The damn thing. You do the damn thing anyway and you power through it. For myself, it’s the process that turns me off. The end result becomes damn near impossible when I’m in the rough draft.

So I’m slowly changing how I do things. Slowly changing how I want to live my life. I’m only on my own schedule, and I put pressure on myself. Nezuko has been more than helpful. I’m literally never alone in my own home. I can’t remember the last time I took a solo bathroom trip. Even if for a few seconds. She loves water, so bath time is no longer me time. Any time I go into the kitchen she follows because that’s her favorite place to be. I also introduced her to the outside world, via my balcony. Although the other day she found herself in a drawlin predicament. While chasing ladybugs she ended up on side of my building. She safely returned inside upon hearing me shake some treats. That will be the end of that.

Anywho, ya’ll getting all the greatest hits back and then some. Lingerie Reviews, Fetish Friday, Personal Posts, and much more! Time is still a very wild concept to me, and the Sims got me in a chokehold, but I miss updating this bad boy. I started this blog with a purpose and I can only grow from here. 💕

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to follow to be up to date with my latest posts 😊

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