Zig Zag Zen Teddy

Back at it again with another teddy from SavageXFenty. From this point on I will make it my DUTY to review ALL SavageXFenty VIP Boxes.

Zig Zag Zen Asymmetrical Lace Teddy (L)

Connect the Dots Stay-Up Thigh High Stockings in Black (XL)

I wasn’t crazy about it at first. I don’t really go for asymmetrical shoulder pieces. I was hesitant, but I said fuck it. It was my birthday month so why not. What drew me in were the thigh highs at first. I liked the pattern of the band that held them up. A pattern that I wanted to lay smoothly against my thighs, so I got a XL.

First day wearing the thigh highs, first day trying on the entire set! I rip a run in one of the thigh highs. I have my press ons on, and frequently underestimate them. It broke my heart and I’m pretty sure I’m going to replace them at some point. I’m not a stockings girl, like I keep saying, but a good pair of stockings can really pull together a set. If I haven’t stated it before I believe I have a sensory processing disorder when it comes to stockings or stocking like material. It takes me a MINUTE to put on stockings because I have to get used to the feel. It’s a process of pulling them up and easing into the feeling. It’s….it’s a thing for me.

Now for the teddy

First glance, or maybe just because I have astigmatism, the piece will look like a black teddy with white and black flowers. Girl, I didn’t know the flowers had color until I opened the box. The flowers are lightly colored and greatly compliment each other. It’s beautiful. Regal.

The fit is extremely comfortable, I didn’t even have to adjust it when I first put it on. Still haven’t because there isn’t really a need to. I would definitely say that SavageX is TRUE TO FIT. When I put this teddy on, I felt sexy INSTANTLY. This piece is different from most things I have in my closet. Definitely the first lingerie piece I own that goes on one shoulder. Personally, I really enjoy it and would recommend it for all body types. It enhances your natural shape, and makes the booty look amazing. Boobs are looking pretty stellar too if I do say so myself. The material isn’t completely see through. You could get away with wearing this with some shorts or dress pants. Wide leg dress pants. I see the vision.

There is a hook closure in the back as well as adjustable straps. Being that it’s a g-string teddy, the entire back is out so keep that in mind. I was surprised to find that out, but wasn’t mad about it. The flowers cover your nips and nether region so there isn’t much of anything peaking through. The material is mostly see through around the stomach area.

I enjoy this piece and am happy that I’ve added it to my SavageXFenty teddy collection.

Let’s talk buying SavageXFenty. When they first arrived on the scene I immediately became a member. Made a submissive pay for my initial membership. Ever since then I’ve been a proud VIP Member. You get deals, discounted prices on items, and access to the monthly Xtra VIP Boxes. The VIP Boxes consist of one of a kind pieces that are only available for a limited time. It’s worth it to sign up if you haven’t already.

Thats all folks. That’s all I have for you today. I have a personal project in the works and I can’t wait to share it with you all. If you enjoy my blog then you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read! I always appreciate it. 💕

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