Ribbon Writing Teddy

If we love one thing around here, it’s a teddy. A SavageXFenty teddy to be exact.

Ribbon Writing Lace Teddy (L)

I’ve been putting more focus on creating overall looks with lingerie. For me, this means, buying a ton of items from one collection. I go by what I enjoy. The color from this specific collection is what drew me in. The pink and blue combo was enough for me. Paired with ribbons and that leg harness? Yes.

This teddy has several beautiful details. The first one I would like to point out is that it says “Bite Me” on the titties. The same “Bite Me” lace detail can be found on the panties and bras from this collection as well. I LOVE small details. “Bite Me” is also printed on the torso of the teddy.

The teddy was quite hard to put on. I usually have to get dressed in lingerie myself so I prepare for whatever. My usual trick is to strap in and then pull up. I’ll hook the back and then slide the piece up my body. Girl this one was hard. Got it up though! This teddy is comfortable with moderate coverage. My breasts are not sitting how I want them to in this teddy.

The underwire can be a tad uncomfortable. I wore it out with no problem, it’s just when I lean over. Perhaps I need to adjust the straps some. Adjusting a piece of lingerie can turn a bad fit to a magical one. Lingerie is going to come to you on factory settings. You gotta customize it to your body.

The pink straps bring the look all together. Bright pink straps leading into blue/pink lace. It’s a sexy and playful piece. Something you can lounge around in and admire yourself.

Thank you for stoping by to read this post! I’m always so appreciative of those who slide through and check out my work! πŸ™‚

More SavageXFenty is on the way! I have so many pieces that I need to talk to ya’ll about. So many items that need a shoot day. I’m ending the year strong, PERIOD.

There WILL be a fetish post on Friday. You’ll have to tap in to see what it is. πŸ˜‰

More lingerie photos can be found on my OnlyFans. I’m posting lingerie photos, videos, cosplay, and kink friendly content. Come see all of my sexy looks before anyone else.

Thank you once again for reading and I’ll see you in a few for Fetish Friday. πŸ’•

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