Free Spirit Floral

I’m loving this 70’s vibe that Rihanna is dropping with these sets lately. These last two boxes? I HAD to have bought them both exactly at midnight. The minute they dropped. When it comes to these Savage X Fenty VIP boxes? I’ve learned one valuable rule: You like it? You buy it. It’s going to sell out. Now it can either be you or someone else. Baby, I’m gonna choose me every time.

Free Spirit Floral Xtra VIP Box

When I first pulled it out of the packaging, I noticed it was just as vibrant as it is online. I decided to play around with the robe at first. I really enjoy when there’s a robe, stockings, or gloves to go with the piece. I usually just buy the lingerie and call it a day. This is helping me experiment with bringing full complete looks together. It also adds more glamour, more luxury, just MORE to the piece in general. The robe is beautifully made. I love the pattern and I love the cinching in the back. It flows as you walk and this is something that I can see myself wearing outside.

Now for the thong and bra. I will say that when it comes to Savage X Fenty thongs I haven’t figured out the perfect recipe yet. I could wear a medium or a large, sometimes it just depends. With this one I definitely should have went large. Still a good fit in my opinion. The thong is the same pattern as the robe. Same for the bra. The bra is a perfect fit for me at a 36C and I am loving the detailing along the cups. That ruched detail that almost makes it look like you’re wearing a bikini. In a perfect world, this set is something that I could see myself wearing in a huge field of flowers and just running through it.

The entire set is comfortable and sexy. It makes you feel like you’re in your own badass 70’s movie or something. I paired this set with some big hair and it was everything I wanted it to be. I love being able to have access to these boxes once a month because the creativity NEVER lacks. I missed one beautiful box and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. It wasn’t my type of style, but not looking back I truly wish I had it. Make sure you don’t miss out on boxes like this one and get yourself a Xtra VIP membership!

Thank you so much for sliding through to read my blog post for today. I’ll see you on Friday for the fetish post of the month.

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