Female Domination

Welcome to the fetish of the month:

Female Domination

Female Domination, or FemDom for short, is when the dominant individual is a Woman. The submissive partner can be any gender. The submissive has a fetish for being dominated by a woman or women.

This fetish is only specific because it has to be a woman in the dominant position. That woman may be referred to as: Mistress, Goddess, etc..

This fetish is usually combined with other fetishes. Other fetishes that allow the Woman in command to truly take control of the submissive beneath her. These fetishes may include, but aren’t limited to: verbal humiliation, physical humiliation, degradation, body worship, corporal punishment, financial domination, pet play, acts of service, sexual servitude, the list goes on. It’s truly whatever you and your submissive are comfortable with. Always remember to respect hard limits and thoroughly negotiate scenes before you enact them.

Female Domination is a practice that is sought out by MANY. Typically you may think of only men looking for a dominant woman, but there are several folks out there who would love to have a woman do whatever she wants to them. The sexual orientation of the female dominant won’t necessarily impact who her play partners are. It’s all about the control and the fetish, or fetishes, being used during play.

I’m sure when you think of FemDom you may think of sadistic acts and only that. Dominance isn’t solely about being mean. Dominance is knowing how to respect limits. Dominance is knowing how to take control of a situation. Dominance is knowing when your submissive may need more care or empathy. Dominance has many faces, so of course FemDom would. What I’m saying is that there isn’t just one way to be a Domme. Some submissives like to be nurtured and given small tasks, some like to be given physical tasks and extreme verbal encouragement, others may fall somewhere in between. There’s a Domme out there for everyone.

If you’re someone who is looking to become a Domme, just like everything in BDSM, it starts with education. You want to know your style of dominance, fetishes that you enjoy, your own hard limits, what it truly means to be a dominant. It might be helpful to get a mentor, it would be extremely helpful to take some classes on things within BDSM that you’re interested in. The whole idea is to educate yourself to partake in safe, sane, and consensual play.

Does a dominant woman do it for you? If so when was the first time you noticed this?

When was the first time you saw a portrayal of a Dominatrix in the media?

I ask these questions because I’m genuinely curious 👀. There are quite a few portrayals of Dommes in the media lately. Kat from Euphoria, Elektra Wintour from Pose, and Tiffany from the show Bonding. Especially Kat seeing as how she apparently does webcamming, but she’s underage??? Look all sites that are legit will take a valid form of ID and have you fill out a W-9. That always comes to mind when I think of Kat, but that’s just my random ramblings.

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One thought on “Female Domination”

  1. I admitted my kinks to my ex gf and she sees to.brace her dominant side and I became more and more submissive and subservient. I LOVED serving and worshiping her, rub her feet, back rub, cook, clean, errands, the more the better. Being denied not just sex but orgasms even from playing with myself were in HER control. I wanted to be put in a chastity cage and eventually maybe even watch her fuck other.men, to f she wanted. She ended up saying it was a turn off, that I was so weak, meak, not assertive or masculine. I enjoyed being sternly spoken to in stores and treated like the beta I’ve come to want to be. I just.dont.think ther s a girl out there that will accept it or one that even wants this dynamic for herself….


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