🖤A New Favorite🖤

Tyra Three-Piece Garter Set (Size L)

First of all, let it be known that Love, Vera ships fast as hell. I’ve been just letting the card fly and expecting delays thanks to covid. Shipped on the 28th of October and I got it the 31st of October. ✨Magnificent✨

I had been hearing so many great things about them, so I had to check em out. Black-Owned. Several Sizes. Big selection.

So I placed my order for three lingerie pieces.

I pulled this set out of its packaging and was immediately amazed at the quality. I was worried about this one. I didn’t think it would look good if I’m being honest. I didn’t know what it was, but I was really nervous about this one.

But, chile, issa winner.

This isn’t my first time wearing it, BUT I’ve done way more in it since last time. So let’s pretend. This is the first time.

I slipped the thong on and it glides on so effortlessly. Then the bra next. The thong and bra look really sexy by themselves if I’m being honest. The bra only has underwire under your breast. The flower detail that outlines the fishnet material looks AMAZING on the boobies. I fucking hate bras, but this is a GOOD JAWN in my book. The thong is the same fishnet material on the bra with some flowers adoring the vagina.

Note this piece is completely see through. Nips out, pussy out, and that makes it cute! The garter had me, but the fishnet bra sold me.

Okay so I finally put on the garter belt, bringing the whole look together. I LOVE IT. I slip on some old ripped stockings that I forget are ripped until I see them because I don’t wear stockings. The look is complete.

I grab what’s left of a hemp blunt, turn on my ring light, and start to take some pics. I changed the layout of my blog incase you didn’t peep! Going further I want to try to take more pictures. Because “Duh bitch, you run a lingerie blog, show that ass.”. Nah, but really, it makes sense to show pictures of me in the damn product.

I tried to find the best angles I could to hide my fat cat.

To truly feel a set out you just gotta move around in it, adjust it, feel it out. This one is so damn comfortable. Thong? Comfortable. Bra? Comfortable. Garter belt? Comfortable.

It’s extremely sexy and the simple gold details that fall along the piece really bring it all together. My favorite part is really this damn bra. It’s 12:15 AM and here I am, still in this bra and thong.

This piece is one I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing.

Love, Vera also dropped a gorgeous line of nudes recently. Adding more to their already vast selection. They have something for everyone and you’re bound to get it ASAP! Definitely check them out if you haven’t.


What do you think of the new layout?

Did you peruse my ‘Black Owned Lingerie Sites Participating In Black Friday’ Thread on Twitter? If not….. Check it out here!

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