Tap, Tap, Tap In

Hey bitch , how are you feeling? Like really, how are you?

Are you keeping up with therapy appointments? Are you reaching out for support if needed? Are you making sure your self-care involves a little more than a bubble bath and a face mask?

No? Oh, well then this is me telling you to slow it down and make sure YOU’RE GOOD. Tis the season for mental health to start trippin’ due to weather changes. Cold, cloudy, and dark.

I deal with depression and anxiety. The most nastiest skank bitches I’ve ever met. Do not trust them. They are both fugly sluts. They lie, they fill my head with doubt and insecurities, start bringing up horrible coping mechanisms, and do nothing for me.

Honestly I had a really bad week. Things are definitely picking up now and getting back on track, but in the moment everything was a hellstorm. So allow me to share some tips on how to get a grip on your mental.

  • Get some fucking sleep. Get off Tik Tok. Stop binging that show on Hulu or Netflix. All of that will be there tomorrow. You NEED rest. You need to close your eyes and get a solid 8 hours. Your mind and body will thank you.
  • Eat. You deserve to eat. Everyone deserves food no matter what their day was like.
  • Stop beating yourself up. YOU have to be your biggest fan. YOU have to live with you 24/7, 365. Imagine having a roommate that just bitched at your for EVERY LITTLE THING YOU DID. You wouldn’t tolerate that, so don’t tolerate it from yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be easy with yourself.
  • Please don’t harm yourself. Please don’t. Take a walk. Write in a journal. Go for a drive. Try the rubber band method (snapping a rubber band on your wrist in place of serious harm). Draw on yourself with colorful markers. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Give yourself space to breathe.
  • Reach out to your support system. Friends, family, partner, therapist. There is someone willing to listen and help you. You don’t have to go through a hard time alone. Those who love you and want to see you happy will LOVE that you reached out to them.
  • Open a window, let some sun in. If you’re taking precautions during this pandemic you probably aren’t leaving your house much. It is A-OKAY to open your window and soak up some sun like a fat cat in the summer.
  • Try using a mental health app to help you stay on track with things. I’m VERY fond of BoosterBuddy. It helps you track medications, how you’re feeling, AND gives coping mechanisms. The app is free and you can customize it to fit your exact needs.
  • Get a coloring book. I have about three. It is VERY calming to sit down with a few coloring pencils, my book, and maybe some music. You have something to do with your hands and you’re focused on the task in front of you.

It’s okay to not feel okay. Your emotions are very valid no matter what you’re going through. You deserve happiness and you deserve peace. What helps you feel okay after a bad day or week? What do you need to have a BETTER mental going forward?

Be easy on yourself, love.

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