Foot Fetish

A sexual attraction to feet.

One of the most common fetishes out there. Could be played with in a multitude of ways. As long as feet are at the center, that is all that matters.

A foot fetish, just like any fetish, has levels. Someone with a foot fetish could enjoy just looking at some pictures every now and then, maybe even asking for a foot job. Some enjoy worshipping feet. Others enjoy being dominated by feet. The specifics of the fetish will always pertain to the person.

If you’re someone who wants to begin making content pertaining to the foot fetish, you can literally start anywhere:

Pedicured feet, smelly feet, socks, stockings, shoes, dirty feet (I’m talking completely BLACK on the bottom, sis), sweaty feet, big feet, tiny feet – it don’t matter. This is a fetish that can truly be played with in multiple ways. I focus on foot worship and foot domination. I enjoy having my feet worshipped and I enjoy dominating individuals with my huge magnificent feet.

Once I started making content, that’s when all the foot boys started popping up. I’ve even run into foot boys in public. How do I know they’re foot boys you ask? Well, they may not stir up conversation with me, but they will stare VERY intently at my feet. I’ll never forget going to a pizza store and having this grown ass man stare at my feet the entire time I was in the area. I’m talking from my car, to the small waiting area of the pizza shop, back to my damn car. All for my feet. Now THAT shit was fucking weird.

I don’t know the “science” behind a foot fetish or what makes one sexually attracted to feet. Most people I know hate feet. I personally always felt…indifferent about my feet I would say. Until I started exploring the foot fetish. I didn’t think I had amazing feet, but now I think they’re phenomenal. I pamper my feet without a second thought. I relish in pedicures. All for my lovely gorgeous feet.

Gotta get my babies ready for their close up, yah feel me?

*These will appear once a month. I’m going to put a poll on my twitter at the beginning of each month. The fetish of the month will be selected from the three options on my twitter poll. Don’t forget to vote for next month!*

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