What’s the difference between Kink and Fetish?

The easiest way I can break it down for myself and readers is this. A kink is broad, a fetish is specific.

A kink can encompass a variety of sexual interests whereas a fetish is charged solely on one object or scenario.

Ex. your kink is hands, your fetish may be pedicured hands doing the dishes.

The terms Kink and Fetish are used interchangeably, yet the difference amongst definitions is there. Although, is anyone really going to get on you for it? No.

The main thing is that you educate yourself on these Kinks and Fetishes and practice them with consensual parties. Safe words are key, and hard limits are key. Not everyone is going to be into everything, or the same thing, and that is COMPLETELY FINE.

Why do I bring this all up? Because I’m going to be dropping some brief education on a few fetishes. Make sure you’re following my twitter, LucasInLingerie. YOU will get a say in what I choose to write about with each poll that drops during the end of each month. The winning fetish will be written about that upcoming month. 😁

Always remember to use safe sex practices when indulging in your fetishes and above all, have fun!

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