I’m Gonna Have To Get That Blue

Love when folks do this. A sister of mine sent me the link to this because she thought I would look great in it, and she wasn’t wrong. Didn’t get the color she suggested because apparently, I’m addicted to getting everything in the same damn color and not branching out.

The Lush Set

Got this one from Lush Lavié in red and I’m getting that blue.

I love a garter belt. That’s my personal lingerie staple. That’s what attracted me to this piece in the first place. The cuffs sealed the deal. I was worried it wouldn’t stretch much at first, but I got a large and it. FITS. The holes don’t bother my nipple piercings. Titties sit up looking amazing, ass looks great. The very first time I put this on completely was for a shoot.

I love wearing this piece. I love putting it on, I love sitting around in it. I love the way it holds my body. I love the way the garter belt wraps around my waist and truly gives shape to my body. Removing the garter, and the panty and bra set look amazing with some thigh highs as well.

I’ve bought the blue since I started writing this (a few weeks ago, I’ll be honest) and it is now available in black, pink, and white as well.

It’s easy to move around in, and looks very sexy on. Personally I would say the red is my favorite, but I haven’t really worn the blue as much.

I’ll try to post some pictures here, but that photoset surely turned out to be nothing but a thick 18+ dream.

Want to see more photos of this red set? Check them out at the link below!


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