Buying From Amazon

You can find all kinds of gems here. Things that you can definitely build up on. I’ll just type lingerie in the search bar and go from there. The more specific you are the better. Ex. lingerie teddy, fetish wear, garter stockings, etc.. Even the suggested section might have something you like.

What I’ve recently found is this. The Rhinestone Teddy.

I had been seeing this ALL OVER THE INTERNET, AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON LOOKED SO FUCKING GOOD IN IT. So I had to have it. I’m obsessed with a piece that looks good on everyone.

I ordered 3 colors, and then I ordered the two others to complete the set. The teddy comes in the following colors: red, blue, neon green, pink, and black.

It’s one size fits all and very stretchy. If you have nipple piercings, either wear pasties or tough it out. I currently have bar piercings in and they do snag, fairly easily. OR opt for nipple clicker jewelry. Preferably one with a shield.

It’s a delicate piece, the rhinestones won’t easily fall off, but you can snag them if you aren’t careful. After some time it became itchy along my arms, and that may have been because I had them rolled up earlier. It’s going to look small when you first hold it up, but TRUST ME. It hits every curve.

When removing the garment BE CAREFUL. Fits like this are easy to fuck up, I already ruined the green one I believe. When removing simply peel the bodysuit off of your body, don’t roll if off. When rolling if off you can get the fishnets caught in the rhinestones and THAT is hell in itself.

I wish the material lining the crease between thigh and genitals was more giving. It stretches, but not as much as the overall fishnet material. With all of that being said, this is DEFINITELY a piece you need in your arsenal.

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