Savage Not Sorry Set

I’m obsessed with Savagex. Let that be known. How could one not be? Panties that cover both lips, bras that are so comfortable you could sleep in them, and lingerie sexy enough to keep the rent paid.

‘Savage Not Sorry Half Cup Bra With Lace’ and the thong to match.

Bra (color: pink flash, 36C), can be found here

Thong (color: pink flash, large), can be found here.

Let’s get into the review.

Upon first touching the bra, you’ll notice it’s SOFT. When you put it on, the material hugs your body and allows for effortless movement. The lace is a sexy detail. I only had one boob slip out while wear. I’m not a fan of bras, at all, but I can see myself grabbing this to go out in. It’s also a bra that I can see myself taking several photos in because my boobs look great.

The thong is a strappy low rise. It very much so gives me Manny Santos from Degrassi vibes. The thong is just as soft as the bra if not softer. Doesn’t feel like a thong, as in it doesn’t feel like there’s nothing but string up your ass. It’s a beautiful whale tale, I must say.

The entire set is comfortable and something I NEED to shoot in.

Both have tags that I’m not fond of at all. The savage tag sewn into the bra was slightly irritating and the long tag on the thong is in the way. A simple snip with some scissors is all it would take to remove both, BUT I’ll leave everything intact for now.

This set sold out QUICK, but there are still a few sizes available in the pink (in my Uncle Clifford voice). There is also a leopard blue color available. Better go snatch it all up before someone else does.

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