One day I just up and decided to do a photoshoot in some lingerie. As in, got a photographer, got the good lighting, got the GOOD lingerie, slapped on ALL the baby oil and got some poses in. I had only ever done one shoot before; I was fully clothed in a family friendly park holding my favorite Greek paddle. Both shoots made me feel extremely beautiful.

I very much enjoy taking these photos, creating the look, the story – art. I love my body. I love yoga. I love horrific anime. I love sharing really dope pieces of lingerie with anyone who wants it. I love being myself.

What this blog is:

  • A place for lingerie lovers
  • Safe Space for Sex Workers
  • Body-Positive As Fuck
  • NSFW ( I’m just putting it out there now that no one under the ages of 18 should be following this page. Thanks. )

I’ve spent so much time being uncomfortable with my body and thinking I should hide various parts of me. No. That’s not how you live life. You live life for you, doing what makes you happy. Wearing lingerie, playing in wigs, playing in makeup, writing, dominating men financially/physically/mentally – these are just some simple things that make me happy. I want everyone else to be happy too.

So? This blog is to spread awareness, happiness, build self-confidence. I want my blog to be a space where women can come and feel good about themselves. You can do photoshoots, where lingerie, drink wine, smoke weed, be naked, whatever you wanna do for no good damn reason other than that you want to.

This is my self expression, and I hope that lights something within you.

That’s really all this is about.

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