Oh Chile, it’s a whole new month

February went a little like this….

I took quite some time away. To make up for that, this will be a lingerie review + life update. School is back up and running and I’ve been spending time with friends here and there to keep my sanity. February was a really good month and I have nothing but high hopes for March!

In Feb a friend of mine hosted a Gallentine’s Day. A night where the gworls get dressed up in cute lingerie, have tons of snacks, indulge in whatever we want, and celebrate each other and ourselves. I REALLY love that my friend does this, it’s a good vibe every time. This year they did a little contest. We all voted on our favorite lingerie set of the night.

Aaaanndd I won first place! Pictured below is the lingerie and my goodie bag from the night. Inside my goodie bag was a candle, an adorable heart shaped pillow, and a mug wrapped up with chocolates inside 🥰

Romantic Corded Lace Unlined Balconette Bra (36C)

Romantic Corded Lace Brazilian Panty (L)

Romantic Corded Lace Garter Skirt (L)

The red is sold out, but the entire set is available in purple. I’m slowly learning that I’m a fan of balconette bras. The cut makes me feel sexy. The lace makes everything see through. It’s not dramatic but you are getting a little peak. The skirt has two garters on the side. No four way hold up here. I was definitely pulling my stockings up throughout the night. I wore some red fishnet thigh highs. I would have worn a solid color pair of thigh highs, but those currently have holes in them. I will be honest with you, I’m not the most delicate person when it comes to stockings. I try my hardest, but sometimes (most…of the time) the stockings try harder.

The panties were a little tight. Usually whenever I get a lace cut, in anything, it’s tighter because of the lace material. Hence why I don’t have much lace underwear. I like a nice stretchy breathable fabric. This fabric is breathable, yet there is no stretch. Solid for accomplishing the look though. I would recommend this set to anyone. The skirt is fun to play around with and the entire set itself is great for teasing. I might see about that purple version.

I’m working on a new website ya’ll! It was always a personal goal of mine to create a website for sex education. Full of fun interesting content and resources. Heavy on the resources. A school project calls for me to do something like this so I decided to kick it up in high gear. For those that don’t know I’m getting my masters in Human Sexuality. My focus is sex education. I want to build a resource that can be useful for anyone. Sexuality is a MAJOR part of our lives and we should be able to talk about it.

All of my “Fetish Friday” posts will be transformed over there. I’m a little stressed out about it, but excited. I’m no HTML girlie, but I’m learning little tricks here and there.

Enjoy these photos taken during a ramen lunch date. February was full of bonding with old and new friends. Cultivating solid relationships and having hearty discussions. I think that’s worth mentioning. For March? It’s school, school, school, and reading. I’ve come across some GREAT books and all I want to do is curl up and read. But these assignments come first.

I’ve been having some bouts of anxiety, but spending some time on Pokemon violet helps. I’m currently building up all eevee evolutions because that’s the mood I’m in.

Thank you for reading like always. Hopefully it won’t be that long until you hear from me again. 💕

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