New Akatsuki Member

Hello darlings. It’s a rainy day where I am. I hit the pole this morning. Now I have heating pads that I’m moving around on both of my legs. I welcome bruises and pain in pole because you can’t get better without it.

Thankfully, I have the privilege of staying in today. This gives me time to write and go through my closet.

I was finally able to try on my purchases from BAD WAIFU.

“Bring On The Pain” White Bodysuit (L/XL)

Albeit one wouldn’t exactly call this lingerie. It is being worn today like it is, so here we go.

First of all, let me say that shipping was so fast. I ordered on Wednesday and everything came Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised.

The bodysuit comes in both black and white. The white is the only one left with a few sizes still available. I do not believe the creator will be restocking these bodysuits again, so get what you can WHILE you can.

First impression of the body suit is that it looks exactly as it does online. It’s your standard bodysuit, straps are adjustable, and you have a snap closure at the bottom. It’s so comfortable you don’t even feel the snap in closure. I didn’t need do any adjusting upon first fit at all.

The bodysuit is made from spandex and that was a GREAT choice. Some bodysuits feel constricting, but not this one. I’ve been wearing it ever since I put it on. It has a thong bottom but even that isn’t uncomfortable. While running around the house, my boobs did fall out a bit. Nothing extreme. Probably just need to adjust the straps.

I’m comfortable and I’m showing where my real alliance stands. I immediately wanted to incorporate some cosplay into my look, but didn’t have everything I needed for a specific member. I remember being so intrigued with the Akatsuki when all we were getting was silhouettes. I’m still intrigued by them. When they first came onto the scene, my favorite member was Deidara. Nooooww it’s leaning more towards Hidan.

Along with this bodysuit I also got the “No ANIME NO P*SSY Oversized Crop Top“. I got this in a large and I could have went with a medium. I’m going to make it work regardless. Wearing this with some high waisted jeans, shorts, or even a long skirt could be the move. Do I believe in the message of the crop? Yes, wholeheartedly.

The crop top also comes in black with a different design. English and Kanji. Translation? NO ANIME. NO SEX. Valid. Valid as hell.

Who’s your favorite member of the Akatsuki?

Thank you for reading! I found Bad Waifu through either twitter or instagram. Either way I’m glad I did. Bad Waifu is also Black-Owned. I’ll be adding this brand to my list, and keeping my eye on them.

Thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for being you. I’ve been taking care of my body, and coming up with way too many content ideas. But they’re good. They’re worth working on and executing. Worth my time and effort and all that good jazz. So that’s been fun to figure out.

Plenty of writing prompts popping up here and there. Now all I need to do is schedule the content! 😅

Thank you again for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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