Moe Flavor Succubus

Hello! Hello!! Today I bring you a new set from a new site. I’ve had my eye on this place for a while. With all the deals over the weekend they made my list. Today I will be discussing the sheer succubus bodysuit from Moe Flavor.

Sheer Succubus Bodysuit (Black,L/XL)

At Moe Flavor they describe their store as, waifu inspired lingered and street fashion. When I first came across them this bodysuit was extremely popular and still is. It’s become one of their staple pieces. The bodysuit comes in black, red, and pink. You will also receive a succubus headband. There is some discussion of vinyl, but as far as material description there isn’t much.

Measuring yourself is recommended! So I got my measuring tape and got to work. My measurements came out to L/XL, and it fits well, but it isn’t perfect. I could have possibly went with a M/L. The first time I put it on, I was messing around with the zipper. Really had to show that flexibility. Second time, I zipped it, and pulled it up. The second method shall be my preferred going forward. The material is stretchy and the straps on the sides are adjustable. I don’t mind the fit at all, it’s better than what I expected. Will I be purchasing in other colors? Yes.

Overall feel is comfortable. The bikini tie at the top isn’t my all time favorite though. A halter style with that same vinyl and maybe a hook closure could do it for me here. I tried it normal bikini tie and then cross in the front. Cross in the front was cute, but then became uncomfortable after some time. I love the wing detail, the straps on the side, and the use of the material.

There is another version of this bodysuit that I’m quite interesting in getting. The Sheer Succubus Micro Underwear Version. That one would be PERFECT for a lewd photoset. Both are good, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the tease. I do wish that one came in more colors.

Have you ever heard of them before? Do you have a couple pieces? Let me know what’s good in the comments! This site has been on my radar for a while. I’m satisfied with what I ordered and I will be returning.

I have a photoshoot planned for this piece that I can’t wait to get off. The entire set will be live on my Onlyfans. Make sure you’re following my 18+ twitter for updates.

This marks my 50th post here on! Can we get a little round of applause for the blog? I made my blog to share Black Owned lingerie websites with my readers. I’m still bringing you Black Owned lingerie websites as well as others. My blog has evolved and is still evolving.

I’m so thankful and grateful for anyone who has ever read, shared, liked, or mentioned my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for taking the time to read my writing. I love writing. I love sitting here in front of my laptop and letting the thoughts pour out.

Before I start getting emotional and blabbering on, let me wrap this up. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE WITH ME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN💕

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