Inked Up Savage

Hello darlings! How are you doing today? If I must be completely honest with ya’ll December came at me FAST. I’m still on the hunt for gifts and planning time to wrap em all. Chile, this year has been wild to say the least, but we aren’t recapping the year just yet. Today I’m reviewing two beautiful items. A teddy and stockings that match.

Tattoed Tricot Thong Teddy (Brown Sugar, L)

Inked Up Stay-Up Thigh High Stockings (Brown Sugar, M/L)

I don’t have any tattoos. I would like some in the future maybe, but right now. I’m more of a piercings kinda girl. When I saw this Tattooed inspired collection I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy the nude colors and wish there were a few more. I got both the teddy and stockings in the color Brown Sugar. The color goes well with my skin tone and damn near makes me look nude.

Let’s get into this teddy. You have tattoo detail on the neck and torso. Love the neck tat detail because I doubt I’m adventurous to get a real one, so that looks pretty cool. The teddy fits like a glove. I personally LOVE a high leg cut and a thong back. There isn’t any adjusting you can do with this piece. You have one set of hooks for the hook-eye-closure around the neck. Despite that it doesn’t feel tight around the neck at all.

You know how a snake sheds its skin? Not to be creepy, but the teddy reminds me of another layer of skin. A sheer light layer of skin. I don’t know a damn thing about fabric. I’ve been learning through this lingerie journey. Along with favorite cuts, I’m beginning to get a feel for favorite materials. This sheer tricot fabric? I hope to see more of it.

Now these, stockings?! Oh bitch, they are the truth. I have very thick thighs and it’s hard for me to find ANYTHING that stays up and looks good. These have tattoo detailing as well. One side has minimal tats and the other has “SavageXFenty” going down the back of the side of the leg. The thigh band is immaculate. Interior printed silicone is what is used as noted by the site. If more places used this kind of material I would be in heaven. If you have thick thighs as well? I HIGHLY recommend that you grab these before they sell out.

CHILE. How are you doing? Prepping to the holidays and all that? Insane how we go from one huge holiday straight into the other. With covid still running rampant, I’ve been weary about making plans and hosting. I’ve just been spending time with close friends and family every now and then.

I’m busting my ass this week with content so I can rest up for the rest of December. Content creating is so fun, and can be so tiring at the same damn time. I often find myself getting lost in shoots. I’ll start at 7 and not finish until midnight. I’m having fun and vibing, but I need to make better use of my time.

I hope you all are staying warm and happy through the holidays. Rest and take breaks when you need them. Take care of your mental and physical health. Set times to worry. (I have anxiety and one of the best tips I’ve gotten in therapy is setting time to worry πŸ˜…. Don’t get lost in it either, set a time for like 5-10 minutes and then move on.)

Thank you for stopping by to read my writing and I will see you on FRIDAY!!!! for our Fetish post of the month. πŸ’•

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