Don’t let em talk to you like that Onyankopon.

“By the way, why do you have dark skin, Onyankopon?” – One of the baddest bitches to ever do it

Now bitch you can’t just go around asking people some shit like this. When I first read this I was like, “oh you niggas wild.” Yeah, once episode one, season four of Attack On Titan dropped? I ran to google to look up the manga, I smooth found the point we are at in this season, and started reading. When I saw my first Black person in AOT I want ya’ll to know I screamed. I HOLLERED. I ain’t ever seen a nigga in Attack On Titan up until this season. Thought I never would. Reading that manga strip was a wild day for me. Also I feel like they’re doing Onyankopon a disservice with his hair in the anime cause in the manga? His shit on swim. SWIM.

Hella abrupt, hella random featured image, but? I just wanted to relax this weekend. I wanted a break from my social media accounts. I wanted to binge anime, read good books, and most importantly feel good. So I did.

I didn’t watch the super bowl because I’m a special little snowflake. Instead I went head first into my second day of self-care and preparing for snow storms. It hasn’t snowed like this in Philly in a long damn time. I woke up to some soft snow, hit snooze, but knew I had to get my ass up and go to the market. I damn near fell about three times outside. I knocked over a whole Pringles display at the market so that was beautiful. It wasn’t as crowded as you think so that was cool, and this LOVELY Black Woman and her daughter came over to help me. Chile. I couldn’t thank them enough.

Once I got home, I made myself a breakfast that included buttery grits because I had been CRAVING that. Then I got to work on cleaning my apartment. Kitchen, living room, bathroom, and some bedroom. Spent hours cleaning and arranging items. Still have a ton of shit to do. It’s going to snow some more this fucking week. My car does not have tires for this shit so I basically stay put filming content, editing, and working on my shit.

While I was away from the internet I. Celebrated a birthday. Got put on to this bomb ass restaurant (takeout of course, cause we in a demo). Got good food that I deserved, and a TON of desserts. OR what I think is a TON of desserts because I’m not a “sweets” person. Bought a mini skirt for the first time in a while and wore that bitch the next day. Got the life sucked out my pussy. Played the sims, I’m playing with the new paranormal pack. It’s fun and has cute shit that comes with it, but I’m still waiting on that boo looking ghost to pop out that was in the trailer and screen grabs. Simply spent time taking care of myself. I got the desserts to celebrate myself and my accomplishments because I really don’t do it often. I acknowledge it for a minute maybe and then I’m like, “okay what now?”.

Nah. Let me tell you. Tonight I watched Attack On Titan, drank a lil cranberry juice, smoked a lil blunt, and took a bubble bath at the same damn time. That opener hits, but it surely hits different when you’re in a hot ass bathtub with some candles lit. Then I went on to do my skincare with some new products and stretch it out. Now I’m enjoying the Dulce de Leche Caramel Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. This jawn good as hell. I did all this while reassuring myself that I deserved each and every part of it, and THAT’S what made it all even better.

Yeah yeah! This was my Sunday. I HAD to clean and do some retail therapy to give myself some peace of mind. Sometimes I film for 5 hour straight. Forget to eat. Don’t take care of myself or small things around the house, but still think things are “fine” because I’m getting work done. Nah. It’s definitely okay to: take a step back, celebrate yourself and your accomplishments no matter how big or small, try new things because YOU like them, and try new things period.

OH! We also have a winner for the fetish for February. It iissss….CUCKOLDING. If this sounds like you or something you’ve been wanting to try out? I’ll see you February 19. 😏

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