Winner winner, chicken dinner! Every month I let my twitter followers choose the fetish of the month. This month ya’ll chose….


Cuckolding is when your partner is turned on from you engaging in sexual actinides with someone else. For some reason it stems from adultery, BUT in this case everyone is well aware of each other. That’s what makes the fetish fun. When you think of the word cuck, you may think of some simple weak man, but anyone can be a cuck. Anyone can be turned on from this fetish.

You may also hear the term Cuckquen. Cuckquean refers to a woman who gets off on seeing her partner engage in sexual actives with someone else. Gendered terms, but you can really call it whatever you want. The main point is that your partner gets off on you being with someone else. You can play with this fetish however you want. You could have your partner simply watch, you could throw in some light humiliation, you could make them clean up the mess when it’s all said and done. It’s whatever YOU want to do. It’s whatever ALL parties consent to.

You could get cucked with details. Your partner could go and fuck someone and then come back and tell you all about it. The more in depth the better if this is what’s really going to get you off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being turned on by this fetish and exploring it. If anything it promotes better communication between you and your partner when you can discuss your deepest desires.

*Please excuse the lack of photo, I like to use my own photos for this blog and whelp yah girl ain’t have nothin.*

Currently deep cleaning, I want to work on another post later. Actually a few posts later, while I do some skincare and plan some things out. I just need to handle these few depressive piles that have built themselves up in my home. Went from Amy Winehouse, to H.E.R., to Vince Staples so yeah I’mma get this shit done.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll have another post for ya’ll to vote on next month!

2 thoughts on “Cuckolding”

  1. What is it called when you enjoy being the outside source used to cuck? I highly enjoy joining couples or having one partner watch me with their partner.


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