Humiliation Fetish

This fetish right here? One of my favorites.

Humiliation can be done SEVERAL ways. There are so many fun things you can do with a humiliation fetish. Humiliation is done verbally, physically, or you can combine both. In order to really have fun with the humiliation fetish, both parties need to communicate about what is okay and what isn’t. What is okay for someone may not be okay for the next person. Also let it be known that humiliation has LEVELS.

Some individuals may want light humiliation. Light humiliation may consist of being called names, mocking someone, embarrassing them, laughing at them, flipping them off, bullied etc.. I just want to add that everyone has their own definition of what light humiliation may be for them.

Some individuals may want to be utterly degraded. *insert bird man hand rub gif* This may consist of but isn’t limited to: being used as a human toilet, being used as an ashtray, being slapped and spit on, being branded as property, being forced to do something, objectification. Any act that you could think of that is outright disrespectful to do to a person would go right in here. Personally I think spitting on someone is EXTREMELY disrespectful so I LOVE spitting on those that I deem to be below me.

In my opinion it’s best to start out with light humiliation because you can always up it if need be. Also not all submissive individuals like humiliation. Get to know your submissive before you shove fetishes onto them.

Humiliation is definitely one of those fetishes where you should use safety words, respect everyones hard limits, and use SAFETY when indulging in any acts PERIOD. Make sure you’re also using after care. After care could be massaging your submissive, letting them know they’ve done a good job throughout the session, or rewarding them however you see fit.

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