She Done Did It Again

Every time I put on a SavageXFenty bodysuit or teddy, I truly feel like one of the baddest bitches out there. And that’s exactly what I have to review for you today.

Foiled Sprigs Embroidered Teddy in Pink (Large)

This one hasn’t sold out yet! So I would definitely click that link, add to cart, and check out if I were you.

What I thought was mesh, was actually tulle. There is mesh in the back of the piece, but mostly it’s the tulle that’s showing out. Upon first purchase I thought it was just a clear mesh in the front. When I opened up the package? Found out that there was gorgeous tulle in front and the center panel SPARKLES. So think about laying in the sun while wearing this? Oh the photos would be immaculate. This is the piece you take to the lingerie photoshoot. This is the piece you wake up and pose in during golden hour. If not golden hour then a setting that FOCUSES on the lingerie piece with a dark background.

This piece is TRULY one meant for photos. Definitely take some when you get it, you’re going to love yourself for it. The underwire shapes the body and isn’t uncomfortable at all. It almost gives you a light corset feel. I love the garters on it of course, and they ARE removable. So you can go for two looks, she a versatile girl. Now the tulle is see through, so if you want to wear this out you may also want to invest in some pasties. Or say fuck it and let the nips out because they aren’t hurting anyone.

*Lingerie Tip: READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. I say this for myself and for whoever is reading. Did you know….those long tags that I’ve talked about before…on SavageXFenty…are meant to be removed? Now if you already knew, this is the part where you go “DUH BITCH”. I learned this fun fact when it was a laundry day. For some reason I decided that THIS was the day I’m going to read the tag and properly wash my items. Whelp. Baby, I learned that day. It clearly says “TAG MEANT TO BE REMOVED” just like that at the top and then lists how you should wash the garment. Do with this information as you please.

This piece of lingerie is actually machine washable, so you can throw it in the washing machine on delicate and then put it in the dryer. So this makes this piece pretty DURABLE if you ask me. Underwire probably isn’t your favorite word, they may even be deterring you away from this piece. There is room for some stretch. I got a large and it’s not tight, it’s not loose, it’s giving me give where I need it, to me this is a perfect fit. It has a thong bottom so that ass will also look amazing in this. It’s a beautiful simple piece so you could dress this up and down, however you want. This is surely a piece you need in your lingerie closet.

In the photo I was doing a Daki cosplay. I wanted to give that vibe of top Oiran. Demoness about to clock in for the night. If Daki were real, she would most definitely be wearing SavageXFenty. Daki is one of my favorite characters from Demon Slayer so I’ll be touching on her in cosplay again. I definitely want to invest in the entire cosplay just to see what I would look like in it.

Miss Mama.

It’s been a minute. Right? The last post I made was about Brazilian waxing, and the LAST lingerie post was March 31st. Time definitely got the best of me, and yah girl surely forgot about a few things. This blog being one of them. BUT I don’t want to forget about this blog or stop the work that I’ve put into it. Writing is one of my favorite outlets. So I was going to make this bottom half a whole “Life Update” thing, but now I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m just going to keep putting out what I’m working on and focusing on my passions.

This month is Mental Health Awareness month AND National Masturbation Month. I’m going to be talking about both at some point. I’ve been WAITING to give you sex toy reviews and now seems like the perfect time. I’ve been actively working no my mental health. My new therapist gives me homework, and then we talk about it. Healing, trauma, self-love, structure, it’s all being touched. That’s just a little bit of what I’ve been working on.

*Lingerie Tips: Did you enjoy that one? Should I do more? Let me know, I’m thinking it could be a cute little educational piece here and there that applies to the review at hand.

Whelp, on I go to continue through this thing we call life.

THANK YOU FOR READING!!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I truly appreciate it!! đź’•

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