So you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian Wax?

Well I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. This post will contain my own personal experience as well as some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up browsing the internet.

I want to state first and foremost, YOU DON’T NEED TO GET A BRAZILIAN WAX IF YOU DON’T WANT TO. YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMOVE HAIR FROM YOUR BODY. IT’S YOUR CHOICE ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND WHATEVER YOU DECIDE IS PERFECTLY FINE! I am a person with a vagina and vaginas grow hair. There’s nothing wrong with that. There used to be a time where hairy pussy was all the rage, unfortunately now that doesn’t appear to be the case. But fuck what they have to say. Do whatever you want to with the nether regions that you have. Your body, your choice.

The first time I went and got waxed, I was pretty nervous. I of course was thinking about pain, and all around anxious about a new experience. I had talked to a friend beforehand and they put me onto a place that they frequented. *The Naked Peach Waxing Boutique. When I first walked into the waiting room, I noticed it was clean and well kept. Even had some treats and pamphlets for customers on a small little coffee table. I signed in and waited for whoever was doing my wax. A *young woman came from the back and told me which room to go into. I told her that it was my very first time ever, getting a Brazilian wax. She was lovely, she told me to remove my bottoms and hop on the table. She exited the room, I got neekid from the bottom down, and then she knocked on the door to see if I was ready.

She walks in and we start talking about the process. I ask her if people scream from the pain. She laughs and says not really. She applies baby powder to the area, and then starts applying wax. There’s some small talk here and there while all this is happening. I’m sure I was still asking questions. At The Naked Peach they use soft wax. A wax that you warm up and then apply to the skin. None of that paper needed. The process is QUICK. The asshole does not hurt at all, and might even be your favorite part. Does the Brazilian itself hurt? Yeah. I’ve never done wax anywhere on my body, never had the procedure done until now, it hurts. But nothing drastic, nothing I can’t manage. Less pain than getting a piercing (and I’ve had a few), and definitely not as bad as period cramps.

After everything was said and done, she rubbed some oil on me and it was over. Then asked me if I wanted some water or wine (they do that there), I probably said wine, at the time.

I walked out with a membership that day.

I enjoy getting waxed because it’s my me time. Once a month I’m on that table, phone away from me, getting my pussy pampered.


No need to feel self-conscious about yourself. These people are professional. They are there to make sure every little bit of hair is removed and that’s it. They do this FREQUENTLY. You’re most likely going to be staring at ceiling so no awkward eye contact. NO ONE is there to judge anything about you.

Give yourself a nice body scrub the day before your wax. This is going to help the removal process. Exfoliating is key.

Worried about pain? Take an ibuprofen,Tylenol, or even an Advil before you head to your wax. You probably want to do this an hour before so it can kick in. ASK if there’s a numbing cream. The Naked Peach offers numbing cream, you have to show up sometime before your wax so it can be applied and set in.

Wear something light. You can literally wear WHATEVER YOU WANT to and from your wax. I prefer to wear dresses. Lift em up, and then put it down. You’re most likely not going to want anything tight on an area that just got hair ripped from it. Wear what you will, but know I swear by a simple maxi dress.

Talk with the person doing your wax about waxing on your period. I don’t get waxed on my period. I don’t want to do a damn thing on my period. So I schedule my waxes around it. Also you’re more sensitive to pain when you’re on your period.

I usually schedule my waxes early so I’m right out the shower, and then onto the table. I’ve also made use of the wet wipes in the room if I need to. The point is to have a clean area they can work with.

Don’t shave or make any touch ups in between waxes. 4 weeks is the standard time in between waxes.

It’s totally cool to take a break from any sort of hair removal. There was a time when I skipped getting a wax for about three months. Also I’m pretty sure they shut down when covid first spiked so I took a break then too. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable about the hair on your body? It’s them, NEVER YOU. You always have a choice on what you want and don’t want to remove.

Take your time when it comes to finding a place to get waxed. Do research, see if they have reviews. You want this to be a calm, clean, fun experience.

If it doesn’t feel good, or if the wax is too hot. LET EM KNOW! This is your wax! This is for YOU. You have to be comfortable with what you’re going home with.

I’ve been getting waxed for about 4 or so years now. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Like I said before I enjoy the time I spend getting waxed. Aside from a Brazilian, I’ve only had my underarms waxed as well and that was on a whim. I don’t really make that a regular thing.

I also really want to stress that hair on your pussy is not the end of the world. A hairy pussy is just the same as a waxed pussy. Pubic hair actually helps keep bacteria OUT of your vagina. At the end of the day, pussy is pussy and what you chose to do with yours is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! I’ve been meaning to get this one out for a while. If you have any further questions you want to ask just hit me up on twitter!

*Young Woman: I definitely remember her name, just not using it because, internet. She truly MADE my first ever experience getting waxed. She answered questions and was cool to talk to. She doesn’t work there anymore because she moved and I was VERY sad.

*The Naked Peach Boutique: if you’re local to Philly I highly recommend them. They have two locations and offer a wide variety of services. They also stock their own products geared towards skincare. I also found out this year that they are BLACK OWNED!

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