Fetish Of The Month: SPH

The abbreviation stands for “Small Penis Humiliation”. This is when a submissive experiences sexual pleasure from being humiliated for their dick size. They enjoy being told how useless and unneeded their dick is. This fetish can be done anywhere, private or public. It can be all about verbal humiliation/degradation or your can throw in a few physical components. This is typically done where the submissive is the male and the Domme is the Woman. You can flip the scripts and play with this however you want. As long as someone has a SPH fetish you’re good to go.

Some Ways To Play:

  • Comparison: You can use anything. Dildo, Feet, Water Bottle, Remote Control. There’s literally TONS of things you can use. The point is to compare that dick to something larger. You really won’t have any trouble finding anything. You probably have ten things in your home right now that you could use. High heels are also a great object to use for comparison!
  • Humiliation: The humiliation can be light or venture onto degradation. It’s all about making that person feel smaller because of what they lack. Making them truly feel that they’ll never able to properly pleasure anyone. Perhaps even humiliating the way they masturbate. The more creative with this one the better. Don’t be shy about telling that person how their small member really makes you feel.
  • Chastity: Lock it up. That thing is so small that it should be locked away. It’s never going to please anyone so what use is it? A chastity device locks up the genitals with only a key provided for unlocking. There are even some that allow you to control it through an app on your phone. Perfect for long distance play!
  • CBT: This stands for Cock-Ball-Torture. This is an entirely different fetish in itself and doesn’t adhere to all of those who enjoy SPH. If your SPH person is a masochist they might really enjoy this. Causing pain to the genitals by means of slapping, tying up, stepping on, etc.. Putting them in quite the most uncomfortable positions for your enjoyment.

It’s all about being creative and using your imagination.

Always make sure that you’re playing safe, sane, and consensually. All parties involved should know clearly what they are agreeing to and aren’t. Always make that VERY clear for any scene or sexual act in general. Take regular aftercare precautions as well.

Thank you for stopping by to read, I really hope you enjoy this post! I love making posts like it. Who knows what the fetish for next month will be. I feel like I’ve been repeating a few options and haven’t introduced anything new. Of course I’m trying to get to a point where most of them have been covered. I’m going do some research and see if there’s anything out there that I may have missed.

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