This day is celebrated on the third Friday of January each year. If you’ve got a couple fetishes, or if you’re just finding out about a new one, EMBRACE THAT SHIT! Today is your day to go ALL out on what you love. But today?

The category is: Financial Domination

So sexy, so fulfilling, and so dangerous. I began Financial Domination in 2017, and I LOVE every minute of it. I love debt, I love budgets, I love being a controlling bitch who tells you what you can and can’t spend. I love random tributes, I love tributes purely because you’ve seen my feet and you know that money belongs with them.

Money is power in our society. Imagine someone coming to you after a hard day at work and giving you everything that they have earned. To me? That is so sexy. Giving me every little bit that you have worked for because you’re already wired for me. Wired to do everything I tell you. Wired to move my money exactly how I tell you.

Financial Domination is the act of dominating someone through finances. Some don’t take this fetish seriously at all. Some take it so seriously, as they fucking should, that they do everything in their power to stay away. Unfortunately triggers may be everywhere, and relapse is most likely inevitable. Shout out to the chef who relapsed all because he saw my feet. You were an easy $500 added to my wealth.

Giving money to their Dominant may fill the submissive with a feeling of euphoria, elation, it may even elicit a sexual response. Its power play. Money moves everything in our society. Imagine someone controlling your money, telling you what to do with it, taking it whenever they want and leaving you with JUST enough for bills and some food. To some that may sound ridiculous, to others? It’s their dream. Their dream to give up control and be a little worker bee.

It all sounds fun and dandy but DROP can also be heavy on both sides. DROP can be heavy with any *scene, but I feel that this DROP is significantly heavier in this fetish. DROP (capitalizing for emphasis) is when those who have participated in the scene may start to feel bad. Depressed even. The feelings of “what did I do?” or “what did I just get myself into?” may start to arise. I’ve definitely experienced this. Playing in a BDSM scene gives you this euphoric rush and it can be difficult to properly come down from that sometimes. Playing with Financial Domination is no different than any other fetish. Limits, communication, these things still stand.

Financial Domination is not sitting around and being paid to be pretty, although it can be. Financial Domination is not lazy work. Financial Domination is Sex Work.

Than you so much for reading! Extra special thank you if you voted! I enjoy writing these posts and I LOVE seeing what ya’ll vote for.

Scene: in BDSM this means, a space where you can act out your fetish/kink. All parties communicate to be aware of what is going to happen. All parties CONSENT to the actions that are going to take place in this space. It could be as sexual or non-sexual as you want. Communication and consent are keywords here.

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