Rosebud by Lush Lavié (Size L)

You might have seen this piece in my IG story. Or not. Can’t quite remember if I posted it there.

I DO remember looking on in awe at how amazing my ass looked in this bodysuit. I first tried this on during a trip to the Poconos. I had planned to get some lingerie photos just because, but I was FLOORED at how amazing this looked on me. When I first saw it on the site, I fell in love with the simple design. I don’t have too many white pieces in my lingerie closet.

The flowers are a light pink coming out of dark green vines. I really enjoy that detail. It’s focused on specific parts of the bodysuit, and not all over. The bodysuit itself is made of a white mesh polkadot material. There is a hook behind the waist and one at bra level. That hook at the waist is what really snatches you. Let it be known that neither one are adjustable. Granted they aren’t adjustable the bands have some stretch to them. They don’t feel tight on me at all. The straps on the shoulders are, of course, adjustable.

Had to play around with my boobs a little bit to get a good fit. I played around with it a bit TOO hard and the underwire popped out on the left side. EASY fix though. I was being heavy-handed because I was so damn excited about this and the way it looked on me. For a brief moment I did wish the garters were removable for a more versatile look. Because sometimes I just don’t want to wear stockings. Although, paired with some all black sheer stockings that would up the look. It’s also a piece that would look good with everyday looks.

One of the most elegant bodysuits you can have in your closet.

How To Care For Your Rosebud Bodysuit

Learn from my mistakes. Please do.

  1. Don’t throw it in the washing machine, hand wash it.
  2. Don’t put it in the dryer. Let it air dry.

It was a little snug before, but it definitely became tighter after a basic washer/dryer mission. I alsssoooo fucked up one of the garter hooks. It is now useless. I’m sure I could fix it, but yeah, my ass broke it.

So don’t be like me, take better care of your piece. If you MUST use a washing machine, wash it on the delicate cycle. Then hang it up to try.

Hey hey!

Thank you for coming by and reading my blog! I’m always happy to have you. 💕

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