Fetish Of The Month: Ignore

Somehow! Someway! This fetish beat out public humiliation and CBT (cock & ball torture). I was surprised actually.

The ignore fetish is when someone gets off on being ignored.

This can be ignoring messages, emails, phone calls, etc.. I play with this fetish whenever I open up my ‘Ignore Line’. Literally, a phone line where folks call and I go about my day. Last time I was blasting music and trying on lingerie. I could be doing damn near anything when this line is called.

I also make clips where I’m reading or just off doing something else paying NO attention to the camera.

So what’s the real deal with the ignore fetish? What’s the psychology behind it all.

The best way I can explain it? This person would rather know you’re actively ignoring them than nothing at all. The person who is doing the ignoring holds power in this situation. The one being ignored is left to let their mind wander. It can be a real mindfuck if they follow all your socials and see you posting elsewhere.

The ignore fetish falls along the lines of humiliation, can also be used as a punishment. I have definitely ignored subs who couldn’t get their shit together. So what did they do? They got their shit together.

Although this sounds too good to be true, it’s a legit fetish folks will seek out. Just with everything else, use safe and sane practices when playing AND get that consent.

Soooo short! I know I know. It’s a fun fetish to play with and literally takes no effort. Shit, I might just film an ignore clip this weekend.

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Thank you so much for reading and stopping by!!! 💕💕💕

Fetish Of The Month: SPH

The abbreviation stands for “Small Penis Humiliation”. This is when a submissive experiences sexual pleasure from being humiliated for their dick size. They enjoy being told how useless and unneeded their dick is. This fetish can be done anywhere, private or public. It can be all about verbal humiliation/degradation or your can throw in a few physical components. This is typically done where the submissive is the male and the Domme is the Woman. You can flip the scripts and play with this however you want. As long as someone has a SPH fetish you’re good to go.

Some Ways To Play:

  • Comparison: You can use anything. Dildo, Feet, Water Bottle, Remote Control. There’s literally TONS of things you can use. The point is to compare that dick to something larger. You really won’t have any trouble finding anything. You probably have ten things in your home right now that you could use. High heels are also a great object to use for comparison!
  • Humiliation: The humiliation can be light or venture onto degradation. It’s all about making that person feel smaller because of what they lack. Making them truly feel that they’ll never able to properly pleasure anyone. Perhaps even humiliating the way they masturbate. The more creative with this one the better. Don’t be shy about telling that person how their small member really makes you feel.
  • Chastity: Lock it up. That thing is so small that it should be locked away. It’s never going to please anyone so what use is it? A chastity device locks up the genitals with only a key provided for unlocking. There are even some that allow you to control it through an app on your phone. Perfect for long distance play!
  • CBT: This stands for Cock-Ball-Torture. This is an entirely different fetish in itself and doesn’t adhere to all of those who enjoy SPH. If your SPH person is a masochist they might really enjoy this. Causing pain to the genitals by means of slapping, tying up, stepping on, etc.. Putting them in quite the most uncomfortable positions for your enjoyment.

It’s all about being creative and using your imagination.

Always make sure that you’re playing safe, sane, and consensually. All parties involved should know clearly what they are agreeing to and aren’t. Always make that VERY clear for any scene or sexual act in general. Take regular aftercare precautions as well.

Thank you for stopping by to read, I really hope you enjoy this post! I love making posts like it. Who knows what the fetish for next month will be. I feel like I’ve been repeating a few options and haven’t introduced anything new. Of course I’m trying to get to a point where most of them have been covered. I’m going do some research and see if there’s anything out there that I may have missed.

Female Domination

Welcome to the fetish of the month:

Female Domination

Female Domination, or FemDom for short, is when the dominant individual is a Woman. The submissive partner can be any gender. The submissive has a fetish for being dominated by a woman or women.

This fetish is only specific because it has to be a woman in the dominant position. That woman may be referred to as: Mistress, Goddess, etc..

This fetish is usually combined with other fetishes. Other fetishes that allow the Woman in command to truly take control of the submissive beneath her. These fetishes may include, but aren’t limited to: verbal humiliation, physical humiliation, degradation, body worship, corporal punishment, financial domination, pet play, acts of service, sexual servitude, the list goes on. It’s truly whatever you and your submissive are comfortable with. Always remember to respect hard limits and thoroughly negotiate scenes before you enact them.

Female Domination is a practice that is sought out by MANY. Typically you may think of only men looking for a dominant woman, but there are several folks out there who would love to have a woman do whatever she wants to them. The sexual orientation of the female dominant won’t necessarily impact who her play partners are. It’s all about the control and the fetish, or fetishes, being used during play.

I’m sure when you think of FemDom you may think of sadistic acts and only that. Dominance isn’t solely about being mean. Dominance is knowing how to respect limits. Dominance is knowing how to take control of a situation. Dominance is knowing when your submissive may need more care or empathy. Dominance has many faces, so of course FemDom would. What I’m saying is that there isn’t just one way to be a Domme. Some submissives like to be nurtured and given small tasks, some like to be given physical tasks and extreme verbal encouragement, others may fall somewhere in between. There’s a Domme out there for everyone.

If you’re someone who is looking to become a Domme, just like everything in BDSM, it starts with education. You want to know your style of dominance, fetishes that you enjoy, your own hard limits, what it truly means to be a dominant. It might be helpful to get a mentor, it would be extremely helpful to take some classes on things within BDSM that you’re interested in. The whole idea is to educate yourself to partake in safe, sane, and consensual play.

Does a dominant woman do it for you? If so when was the first time you noticed this?

When was the first time you saw a portrayal of a Dominatrix in the media?

I ask these questions because I’m genuinely curious 👀. There are quite a few portrayals of Dommes in the media lately. Kat from Euphoria, Elektra Wintour from Pose, and Tiffany from the show Bonding. Especially Kat seeing as how she apparently does webcamming, but she’s underage??? Look all sites that are legit will take a valid form of ID and have you fill out a W-9. That always comes to mind when I think of Kat, but that’s just my random ramblings.

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Winner winner, chicken dinner! Every month I let my twitter followers choose the fetish of the month. This month ya’ll chose….


Cuckolding is when your partner is turned on from you engaging in sexual actinides with someone else. For some reason it stems from adultery, BUT in this case everyone is well aware of each other. That’s what makes the fetish fun. When you think of the word cuck, you may think of some simple weak man, but anyone can be a cuck. Anyone can be turned on from this fetish.

You may also hear the term Cuckquen. Cuckquean refers to a woman who gets off on seeing her partner engage in sexual actives with someone else. Gendered terms, but you can really call it whatever you want. The main point is that your partner gets off on you being with someone else. You can play with this fetish however you want. You could have your partner simply watch, you could throw in some light humiliation, you could make them clean up the mess when it’s all said and done. It’s whatever YOU want to do. It’s whatever ALL parties consent to.

You could get cucked with details. Your partner could go and fuck someone and then come back and tell you all about it. The more in depth the better if this is what’s really going to get you off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being turned on by this fetish and exploring it. If anything it promotes better communication between you and your partner when you can discuss your deepest desires.

*Please excuse the lack of photo, I like to use my own photos for this blog and whelp yah girl ain’t have nothin.*

Currently deep cleaning, I want to work on another post later. Actually a few posts later, while I do some skincare and plan some things out. I just need to handle these few depressive piles that have built themselves up in my home. Went from Amy Winehouse, to H.E.R., to Vince Staples so yeah I’mma get this shit done.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll have another post for ya’ll to vote on next month!

CEI Fetish

Welcome to *Fetish Friday, the Fetish that won the pole this month was:


CEI stands for cum eating instruction.

You heard that right. Cum. Eating. Instruction. As in, where someone is given instructions on how to eat their own cum, or they could eat the cum of someone else. Either way, eating cum is definitely involved. CEI may also be paired with JOI (Jerk Off Instruction).

The first time I did CEI was with a sub I owned at the time. He was begging me to cum, and I was going to let him. I was even going to let him have a snack at the end. He jerked, jerked, jerked, and jerked until he shot his load in a glass for me. He then proceeded to drink it. For me. All of this was done for me simply because I wanted it. Wish I still had that damn video.

If you want to cum for me you’re going to taste it.

You’re going to know what exactly you’re putting into your body and exactly how it is effecting you. That is MY personal take on CEI. You can also get REALLY creative with this fetish. You can use cum as the mayo to a sandwich and make your sub eat it, just one little example. CEI is a GREAT fetish to pair with cooking if you ask me.

The fetish itself is pretty self-explanatory so this post will be pretty short. I may update it if I feel something just HAS to go here, but for now I think this is enough. Thank you for reading!

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Foot Fetish

A sexual attraction to feet.

One of the most common fetishes out there. Could be played with in a multitude of ways. As long as feet are at the center, that is all that matters.

A foot fetish, just like any fetish, has levels. Someone with a foot fetish could enjoy just looking at some pictures every now and then, maybe even asking for a foot job. Some enjoy worshipping feet. Others enjoy being dominated by feet. The specifics of the fetish will always pertain to the person.

If you’re someone who wants to begin making content pertaining to the foot fetish, you can literally start anywhere:

Pedicured feet, smelly feet, socks, stockings, shoes, dirty feet (I’m talking completely BLACK on the bottom, sis), sweaty feet, big feet, tiny feet – it don’t matter. This is a fetish that can truly be played with in multiple ways. I focus on foot worship and foot domination. I enjoy having my feet worshipped and I enjoy dominating individuals with my huge magnificent feet.

Once I started making content, that’s when all the foot boys started popping up. I’ve even run into foot boys in public. How do I know they’re foot boys you ask? Well, they may not stir up conversation with me, but they will stare VERY intently at my feet. I’ll never forget going to a pizza store and having this grown ass man stare at my feet the entire time I was in the area. I’m talking from my car, to the small waiting area of the pizza shop, back to my damn car. All for my feet. Now THAT shit was fucking weird.

I don’t know the “science” behind a foot fetish or what makes one sexually attracted to feet. Most people I know hate feet. I personally always felt…indifferent about my feet I would say. Until I started exploring the foot fetish. I didn’t think I had amazing feet, but now I think they’re phenomenal. I pamper my feet without a second thought. I relish in pedicures. All for my lovely gorgeous feet.

Gotta get my babies ready for their close up, yah feel me?

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