If I could, I would talk about manga all day. I love to read and manga is the perfect escape for when I have too much on my mind. I’m a big fan of horror so that’ll be most of what you find here. I do enjoy a good slice-of-life jawn every now and then.

I’m getting back into comics, so I’ll drop that in there for you too. Hope you find a few things you enjoy!


Alice in Borderland by Haro Ash

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Blood on the Tracks by Shuzo Oshimi

Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto

DEAD Tube by Mikoto Yamaguchi

Demon Slayer by Kimetsu no Yaiba

Devilman by Go Nagai

Gyo by Junji Ito

Hellsing by Kouta Hirano

Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: YON & MU by Junji Ito

Komi Can’t Communicate by Tomohito Oda

No Longer Human by Junji Ito

Shibuya Goldfish by Aoi Hiroumi

Smashed by Junji Ito

The Walking Cat: A Cat’s-Eye-View of the Zombie Apocalypse by Tomo Kitaoka

Tomie by Junji Ito


Invincible by Robert Kirkman

Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson

Where can I find manga/comics?

I get most of my manga from Barnes & Noble. Other I’ve seen are: Amazon, Ebay, Target, and most bookstores.

Comics! Check out your local comic store, you’re bound to find a bigger collection. Comics can also be found in most bookstores. Amazon. Ebay. Youcanalsoreadissuesonlineđź‘€