Oh Chile, it’s a whole new month

February went a little like this….

I took quite some time away. To make up for that, this will be a lingerie review + life update. School is back up and running and I’ve been spending time with friends here and there to keep my sanity. February was a really good month and I have nothing but high hopes for March!

In Feb a friend of mine hosted a Gallentine’s Day. A night where the gworls get dressed up in cute lingerie, have tons of snacks, indulge in whatever we want, and celebrate each other and ourselves. I REALLY love that my friend does this, it’s a good vibe every time. This year they did a little contest. We all voted on our favorite lingerie set of the night.

Aaaanndd I won first place! Pictured below is the lingerie and my goodie bag from the night. Inside my goodie bag was a candle, an adorable heart shaped pillow, and a mug wrapped up with chocolates inside ๐Ÿฅฐ

Romantic Corded Lace Unlined Balconette Bra (36C)

Romantic Corded Lace Brazilian Panty (L)

Romantic Corded Lace Garter Skirt (L)

The red is sold out, but the entire set is available in purple. I’m slowly learning that I’m a fan of balconette bras. The cut makes me feel sexy. The lace makes everything see through. It’s not dramatic but you are getting a little peak. The skirt has two garters on the side. No four way hold up here. I was definitely pulling my stockings up throughout the night. I wore some red fishnet thigh highs. I would have worn a solid color pair of thigh highs, but those currently have holes in them. I will be honest with you, I’m not the most delicate person when it comes to stockings. I try my hardest, but sometimes (most…of the time) the stockings try harder.

The panties were a little tight. Usually whenever I get a lace cut, in anything, it’s tighter because of the lace material. Hence why I don’t have much lace underwear. I like a nice stretchy breathable fabric. This fabric is breathable, yet there is no stretch. Solid for accomplishing the look though. I would recommend this set to anyone. The skirt is fun to play around with and the entire set itself is great for teasing. I might see about that purple version.

I’m working on a new website ya’ll! It was always a personal goal of mine to create a website for sex education. Full of fun interesting content and resources. Heavy on the resources. A school project calls for me to do something like this so I decided to kick it up in high gear. For those that don’t know I’m getting my masters in Human Sexuality. My focus is sex education. I want to build a resource that can be useful for anyone. Sexuality is a MAJOR part of our lives and we should be able to talk about it.

All of my “Fetish Friday” posts will be transformed over there. I’m a little stressed out about it, but excited. I’m no HTML girlie, but I’m learning little tricks here and there.

Enjoy these photos taken during a ramen lunch date. February was full of bonding with old and new friends. Cultivating solid relationships and having hearty discussions. I think that’s worth mentioning. For March? It’s school, school, school, and reading. I’ve come across some GREAT books and all I want to do is curl up and read. But these assignments come first.

I’ve been having some bouts of anxiety, but spending some time on Pokemon violet helps. I’m currently building up all eevee evolutions because that’s the mood I’m in.

Thank you for reading like always. Hopefully it won’t be that long until you hear from me again. ๐Ÿ’•


Blog post from Lucas on products from Nubian Skin.


First post of the year, back in action. So excited for everything that it to come. Today I want to talk about Nubian Skin. A brand that I’ve had my eye on for some time. Now I have a few items to discuss with you. Hope you find something you enjoy๐Ÿ’“

Nubian Skin is a lingerie boutique based in Europe. They make lingerie with Black people in mind. A Black woman who saw the need for nudes that catered to melanated individuals.

She saw the need and has been executing it beautifully.

Cotton Wireless Bra, Cinnamon, 38B/C

Cotton Thong (Pack of 3), Cinnamon, L

Plumetis Suspender Belt,Cinnamon, L

15 Denier Semi-Matt Tights,Cinnamon,L/XL

The bra is comfortable and supportive. Comfortable when I’m standing up. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I was lying down in bed wearing it, it became โœจquiteโœจ uncomfortable. I don’t have any nude bras or underwear that match my skin tone so gracefully so it’s a WIN. The thongs came in a pack of three. Perfect match to my skin tone. I found them to be a little tight, so I’ll be sizing up next time.

“The Plumetis Suspender is breathtaking”(quote from the site). IT SURE IS. I was searching the site for thigh highs because I wanted something perfect to pair it with. Didn’t find any. Chile. Would you know they GAVE me thigh highs?! It was something so simple, and I was in love already. The thigh highs were so SOFT. That was the moment I knew it was going to be a good jawn. There are THREE straps on the garter belt, and I love that. This is truly a garter belt of quality. The band on the belt is lighter than the straps, but that doesn’t take away from the overall nude look.

I wish that I had gotten the tights in a bigger size. I HATE stockings. Love the look of them, but it’s a sensory issue for me. I didn’t have that issue with these. They’re delicate. The stockings complimented my skin tone in a way I’ve rarely seen from stockings. Everything was going so well until I ripped them ๐Ÿ˜…. I thought the L/XL would have been enough, but I should have been looking in the plus section. Unfortunately the color I want is completely sold out. Bummer. For ME. You should still have a look around and see if there’s anything for you.

Below you can find a few photos I was able to grab in the set. Stockings aren’t pictured because I ripped them. Thigh highs aren’t really pictured because I ripped those too ๐Ÿ™ƒ. I now know to be careful with these. Anything could snag them and it’s game over. If you get blessed with a pair of these stockings? Don’t be like me, please take care of them.

WHOOT WHOOT!!!! First post of the new year. Feels good. Feels real good.

How did you start your New Year? Any resolutions?

I’ve been working on a few things and it’s always peaceful when I can sit down and write. I’m on break from school so I’m taking time to read things for my own pleasure.

I’ve also been thinking A LOT about accessible resources. Accessible free information. I’m passionate about education and I’m letting that passion guide me through this next project. I’ll let the idea bounce around in my head before I even start a draft, but this one feels….natural. It’s a pain in my ass when I’m in my own head, but it all pays off in the end. I might be able to get some drafts off for it today.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I enjoy every single person that runs through my blog. Every single one. I love you. I appreciate. I hope this new year is already treating you well.

ALSO! Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Covid is making another circulation and I hear other colds are out there too. Wear your mask. Drink water. Take a moment during the day to find some peace of mind. PLEASE take care of yourself.

Once again, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time ๐Ÿ’•

Let’s go to Dance Class

Hi babes! Today I’m bringing you a piece by Laina Rauma. I’ve only done one other post featuring this designer, but I have SO MANY pieces by her. I’ll consider blogging about those just so you can get a better feel of her designs. She’s someone who I watch and put in my calendar when it comes to drops.

The particular pieces that I’m reviewing were a part of her most recent Dance Class drop. These pieces would be considered dance wear, lounge, etc.. Really however you want to style it.

Turtleneck Thong Bodysuit (L)

Fuzzy Rib Leg Warmers (L-XL)

Full page for all Dance Class Pt.2 items is here. There aren’t that many sizes left, so I’d hurry on over if I were you. She just launched Deep Sweet, her latest lingerie drop. I grabbed a few pieces and I can’t wait until they get here! It’s also worth checking out here sale section. That way you can see what previous drops have been looking like.

The bodysuit has a zipper in the back that I couldn’t reach by myself. Had to get help with this one ๐Ÿ˜…. Once I was all zipped in?! Loved it.

I was eating a coconut flavored popsicle, don’t mind it in pics. I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that this can be worn in several ways. The pieces from this collection are made to be mixed and matched however you please. I love the feel of this bodysuit and I’m enamored with these sleeves. The fit is a bit tight in the nether regions. I got another bodysuit from the previous collection in a XL and it was a little big so I decided to size down with this one. In my opinion the XL would have been a better fit for me most likely. You do have some stretch with this item so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Best things about this piece: versatility, long flowing sleeves, color, and comfort.

The leg warmers?! Oh I’m a fan of some leg warmers. There are two kinds you can get from the drop, I got the fuzzy ones. I’ve always liked that look of bunched up socks or leg warmers. I wear them when I’m doing floor work because it’s hard to grip the pole wearing them. These are definitely getting worn out because it’s getting colder and I absolutely can’t stand it.

I’m a big fan of this collection because I’m always looking for comfy cute styles to wear on the pole. Shorts and a sports bra can be so boring. That doesn’t always get me in the mood to practice. When I’m dressed in my dance class gear? I feel like a dance class gworl. I also feel that my shapes and moves look better when I feel better.

There were so many other beautiful pieces from this drop that I missed out on. The bra and thong combination, the shorts, can’t believe I wasn’t on it like I normally am. Actually, I can. Lately, I have been having some bad body days. Days I shouldn’t be having because my body is absolutely amazing. I’m a Black Queer Woman so I don’t really believe in being humble about the great things about me. It’s also the winter season, and I’ve been feeling some seasonal depression. It sucks, but I’m moving through it because I have so much to be happy about.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!!! I always say it, and I’ll probably say it every post, I’M ALWAYS SO APPRECIATIVE THAT YOU STOPPED BY AND READ MY POST!!!! ๐Ÿ’• I love writing and being able to share this part of me with you all. I get excited planning out posts and building things here for you.

Social media is currently going through some changes so I’m keeping up with all that. Tumblr is back! Whenever I have the time, I might pull up my old account. Tumblr was my first blogging site. While Tumblr is flourishing Twitter is……doing something. I’m watching how all of these changes roll out and you will hear me speaking more on it.

I won’t have a blog post for 11/23 because I’m finishing up my first Grad semester. I have a few more assignments due so I’m putting focus there. I’m so excited to get all my grades back and then sit and reflect on this semester. I want you all to know that it’s been an amazing experience and I truly believe I’m exactly where I need to be. I’m truly the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Thank you for reading, I hope your’e staying warm and not stressing the upcoming holidays. I hope you’re all staying safe and indulging on things that make you happy. See you next times, babes ๐Ÿ’•

Lingerie Blues

Damn! I hate leaving ya’ll for such a long time.

The summer came and I was up. I’m still up. I’m enjoying time with friends, raising a young Nezuko, dealing with adult life, reading manga in the park, and just being outside in this warm beautiful weather. I THRIVE in the summertime. I love the heat, and I don’t mind sweating. I’ll take 90 degrees over the cold any day.

Babes. It’s basically July. How are you doing? You good? I hope you’re good, I hope you’re great. I hope you’re able to take moments, breathe, and be happy to just exist. I want nothing, but peace and happiness for all of those around me. Today! I have a lingerie review for you. ๐Ÿ˜. I’ve sat on this one for a while, not gonna hold you. My toxic trait is sitting with my content. Gotta stop doing that. So without further adieu, I present to you a SavageXFenty Lingerie Review.

Baroque Bondage Full Set

Front-Closure Bralette

Brazilian Panty

Garter Belt

Thigh High Stockings (sold the fuck out)

Now we begin. The pieces are all sold separately, but I will be referring to this ensemble as a set.

First and foremost, let’s take in the royal blue color. Rich. Beautiful. Eye-catching. Both color and design of this particular garment gives bold and sexy. Do you have the trench coat? Because that’s all you’re going to need to put on with this for a nice sexy surprise.

Let’s start from the bottom up. Switch it up on my first day back in the studio.

Now the stockings. Ya’ll already know how I feel about some SavageXFenty stockings. I’m a thick thigh girl and they are always stretchy and comfortable. For reference, my thighs measure in at about 27 inches individually. You know that uncomfortable thigh muffin top that most skinny ass thigh highs will create? Yeah these don’t do that. Comfort the minute I put my foot in. It’s a very soft nylon material. They even stay up without the garter belts. *chef’s kiss*

The garter belt. I’m not really a fan of garter belts with only two garters. Give me four or more. Simply, because it defeats the actual purpose of the garter belt. Two garters is basically just for show. Just for show, just for cutsies. It holds up the outer sides, but doesn’t do much for that thigh rub. And that’s okay! Lingerie doesn’t always have to be practical. Some pieces are just for the look, and that is A-OKAY. Of course different strokes for different folks. Because of my build, I’m partial to garter belts that have four or six garters because they hold my stockings up. Gotta secure the look.

Now the panty is where I noticed the rope detail. This rope detail can also be found on the garter belt and bralette. Reading straight from the website it says that these ropes were inspired by *shibari. I’ll touch more on that when it’s time to talk about the bralette. Now, these panties. Brazilian cut. Beautiful blue. See-through. These are cute! I always think I’m going to get away with taking photos in see through panties. At some point while taking pictures, it dawned on me I should cover up a bit more. At some point I put a black thong under for photos.

The bralette. This is where you can see that shibari rope inspiration come to fruition. That back had me intimidated because I thought I was literally going to have to jump through ropes to get in this jawn. No no. A simple clasp on the front and I’m good to go. Don’t have to touch those ropes at all. It’s dawning on me that I don’t have any pictures of the back. Not even gonna hold you, I probably forgot and I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. If out of sight out of mine was a person? Oh it would be me. Anyway, the bralette is comfortable and beautiful. That rose gold detail is going to hit every single time. The rope detail in the back is simple and thoughtfully placed.

When all of the pieces are put together, it’s truly an elegant set. The pieces can even stand alone by themselves. I’ll have to play around to see what I can come with. Enjoy some pics I took when the sunlight was doing its thing.

*Shibari is Japanese bondage. I don’t know much about this style of bondage. I would love to take a class on it, read a few books. Actually, I may make a note to do so. ๐Ÿ˜…. You’re never done learning!

While I’ve been away from writing, I’ve been reading and attending online workshops. My most recent ones have been for Chastity and Female Domination. Both were EXTREMELY informative and noteworthy. I found these classes here: Passion 101 Classes. I took these classes to brush up on my own education. Loved them, and I plan on taking a few others they have to offer.

I’m in my head. That’s nothing new. What’s new is how I’m dealing with it. Being outside, going to the gym, yoga, dancing, and reading tons of manga. Just picked up The Blood On The Tracks. I read 1-5, and immediately ran back for whatever else I could find. It’s GOOD. When I’m not reading for academia I’m usually running through some manga at night. Specifically horror, I love me some horror.

Thank you for reading๐Ÿ’• Thank you for being here with me this evening, I truly appreciate you๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Hey all you people! Hey all you people! WON’T YOU LISTEN TO MEEE!!!

Look. Who cares if it’s a tad grammatically incorrect. That is exactly how I felt when I put these jawns on. The jawns in question? Read on.

Gold Heart Rhinestone Garters

These can be found at Moeflaver for a pretty decent price for what you get if you ask me. I have thick thighs, I say it almost every damn time ya’ll come around. There are many cute thigh accessories that I’ve stayed away from to save my own disappointment. I’m not sure what made me get these, but I’m so damn glad I did.

When I first opened it up, I was a little put off. You have to put it together yourself, but it’s not that deep. You get three chains. Waist. Right let. Left leg. Instead of putting it together off, I just grabbed the pieces and strapped myself in. Bitch.

Looking very shapely if I must say so myself. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, doe. That side without the heart? Broke in the back. I believe it’s an easy fix. With this kind of jewelry I did expect there to be a break or two.

The waist chain is pretty big. I have about a 32 inch waist. Thighs measure in at about 27 inches. I sat the waist chain ON my waist, but it settled in further down on my hips. This would be a cute accessory for looks involving skirts. It’s a cute accessory for any look involving a little leg show.

Jewelry like this is pretty easy to break, and just as easy to fix. Could have also been the way I was putting it on that led to disaster. I would recommend putting it together by itself and then securing yourself in. Unfortunately it isn’t adjustable in any way. But like I said before, it’s a pretty simple piece of jewelry. I’m sure if this is your expertise you could customize it to your form better.

All in all I would say it’s a good jawn.

Hey hey heeeyyy!! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the latest installment!

I’ve been doing TONS of work behind the scenes and actually indulging in my social life. I have a few new sections that I will be adding to my blog ALONG with layout changes. See? This time I’m letting you know instead of just fucking around in the middle of the night.

Once again thank you so much and I look forward to your visit next time ๐Ÿ’•

New Akatsuki Member

Hello darlings. It’s a rainy day where I am. I hit the pole this morning. Now I have heating pads that I’m moving around on both of my legs. I welcome bruises and pain in pole because you can’t get better without it.

Thankfully, I have the privilege of staying in today. This gives me time to write and go through my closet.

I was finally able to try on my purchases from BAD WAIFU.

“Bring On The Pain” White Bodysuit (L/XL)

Albeit one wouldn’t exactly call this lingerie. It is being worn today like it is, so here we go.

First of all, let me say that shipping was so fast. I ordered on Wednesday and everything came Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised.

The bodysuit comes in both black and white. The white is the only one left with a few sizes still available. I do not believe the creator will be restocking these bodysuits again, so get what you can WHILE you can.

First impression of the body suit is that it looks exactly as it does online. It’s your standard bodysuit, straps are adjustable, and you have a snap closure at the bottom. It’s so comfortable you don’t even feel the snap in closure. I didn’t need do any adjusting upon first fit at all.

The bodysuit is made from spandex and that was a GREAT choice. Some bodysuits feel constricting, but not this one. I’ve been wearing it ever since I put it on. It has a thong bottom but even that isn’t uncomfortable. While running around the house, my boobs did fall out a bit. Nothing extreme. Probably just need to adjust the straps.

I’m comfortable and I’m showing where my real alliance stands. I immediately wanted to incorporate some cosplay into my look, but didn’t have everything I needed for a specific member. I remember being so intrigued with the Akatsuki when all we were getting was silhouettes. I’m still intrigued by them. When they first came onto the scene, my favorite member was Deidara. Nooooww it’s leaning more towards Hidan.

Along with this bodysuit I also got the “No ANIME NO P*SSY Oversized Crop Top“. I got this in a large and I could have went with a medium. I’m going to make it work regardless. Wearing this with some high waisted jeans, shorts, or even a long skirt could be the move. Do I believe in the message of the crop? Yes, wholeheartedly.

The crop top also comes in black with a different design. English and Kanji. Translation? NO ANIME. NO SEX. Valid. Valid as hell.

Who’s your favorite member of the Akatsuki?

Thank you for reading! I found Bad Waifu through either twitter or instagram. Either way I’m glad I did. Bad Waifu is also Black-Owned. I’ll be adding this brand to my list, and keeping my eye on them.

Thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for being you. I’ve been taking care of my body, and coming up with way too many content ideas. But they’re good. They’re worth working on and executing. Worth my time and effort and all that good jazz. So that’s been fun to figure out.

Plenty of writing prompts popping up here and there. Now all I need to do is schedule the content! ๐Ÿ˜…

Thank you again for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Goddess Vibes

Today I’m bringing you a piece from ShapedByYouLinigerie. Feel free to use my code ‘LUCAS20’ at checkout. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Goddess Vibe

I love this piece so much and I couldn’t wait to write about it. You’ve probably seen this fishnet dress all over my IG and twitter. I truly can’t get enough of it. I was floored to open my package and see, that it was indeed, a fishnet maxi dress. I’m a HUGE fan of maxi dresses. They’re great to throw on for something quick and panties become optional.

Being that it’s a fishnet maxi dress, it is completely see through. Panty and bra are not included. If you have piercings (surface, nipple, dermal, genital) on your body, you may want to take great care wearing this one. I have my nipples pierced and didn’t feel like any snag action. Thankfully I have a bra where they can be seen and protected. Pasties can also help if you want to keep piercing snag to a minimum.

This piece of lingerie is undeniably sexy. Sexy and versatile! You don’t just have to wear it in the bedroom. I wore this in Puerto Rico for a smoke sesh with my peoples. ๐Ÿ˜Š

It can also be worn as beach cover up, loungewear, or something sexy for the club. It’s a piece that can be layered or worn as is. I implore you to purchase this one yourself, customize your look, take some pics, and show the fuck out!

I’m so happy to have you here with me! I took a trip to Puerto Rico with some friends and had the greatest time of my life. I was in great company, ate bomb ass food, road horses, took a bioluminescence kayak tour, and stayed at some dope ass places. I will be returning to some for longer periods of time, TRUST.

I had so much fun out there. My flights were easy both coming and going. It was truly a good jawn. Despite covid restrictions I do want to travel more. It’s going to take some planning because I am disgustingly busy, but I want to take time for some leisurely trips.

Thank you for sliding through to read this review. Your presence is always appreciated. ๐Ÿ’•

Butter Pink SEX KTTN

Alright, listen up. Grab the measuring tape now because some items I’m talking about are already sold out and the others are on they last leg. We are talking Laina Rauma today, girlies.

Micro Mesh Adjustable Bralette (Butter Pink, L)

Nylon Mesh Garter (Butter Pink, XL)

Adjustable Bikini Panty (Butter Pink, XL)

Crotchless Panty (Butter Pink, XL)

(I would shop the sale section ASAP. There are a few sizes left in some pieces that she dropped late last year. All of these items I’m talking about today are either on sale or sold out. There are a few other colors available! Red, white, and black. Take a look around, you never know.)

Laina Rauma is all about comfort and sex appeal. The pieces look beautiful alone, but they are made to be layered upon one another. It’s a look. The bra, the panties, the garters. It all comes together in a real classy way.

The mesh is thick enough where you don’t see anything. The tease is in the outline. In photos you can see the imprint of my nipple piercings, but not the nipple. I spent all day getting content in this. Taking photos and some video. It’s comfortable, sexy, and I’m SO GLAD I got it in pink. I don’t have enough pink lingerie. As it says in the titles, both bra and regular panty are adjustable. When it’s adjustable if you fuck up in sizing, you can fix it.

The regular panty did feel baggy at first, definitely looked baggy. Once I adjusted the straps to my body? Perfection. Looks great alone, and it adds something more with the crotchless panty. I love her crotchless panties. I have a blue pair, in a large. *chefs kiss* The material is soft, stretchy, and breathable. Very comfortable fit for the nether regions.

I did the same with the bra. Adjusted it to my body. I was having a real body positive moment in that mirror. Feeling good and looking good in my sexy pink lingerie. My OF subscribers are going to be spoiled this month. The bra was specifically made to be pretty and cute and it says that on the website. So you won’t get much stability and support here.

I made the adjustments needed and it looks like a very skimpy bikini. That’s the vibe. A sexy tease. I already see this bra and panty combo being a staple for me this summer. Paired with this little scarf I got from the hair store? I see it, I’m manifesting it. Plop a flower in my hair. It’s my summer look.

The garter still rides up my thighs when I walk. I have to adjust it in photos when I move around, BUT! it’s good jawn. I have big thighs so it’s a given. I might fuck around and see what’s left in my size off the garters alone. I don’t feel constricted, and somehow I ended up wearing this one set the entire day. It’s that comfortable.

Do you have any Laina Rauma pieces? From what drop?๐Ÿ‘€

Thank you for tuning in! I highly recommend that you follow her Instagram and sign up for that mailing list on the website. Make sure you check out the site today if you can! There are plenty of items on sale that will never be on that website again.

As for what’s going on with itsthegartersforme.com? I want ya’ll to know I am so happy Giantess won the poll for Fetish Of The Month! My own favorite fetish that I LOVE to talk about. One that I enjoy playing with myself. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Once again thank you so much for reading my review today! I appreciate you and I’ll see you next time. ๐Ÿ’•


Hello Hello! I have so much to share with you!

We are wrapping up this year on a good ass note! In this post I will be sharing a brand all about gratitude, manifestation, confidence, positivity, and self-love.

Shaped By You Lingerie

I first found out about this brand through twitter. I took my time exploring the page and felt that their mission aligned with mine. A brand all about embracing curves, self-love, and manifesting what you truly want from life. This is shown throughout the entire site. Gorgeous models. Angel numbers. Crystals. You can truly find all of that here. Once I found out that they were accepting Brand Ambassadors, I sent them an email. A prompt response was sent telling me that I would be speaking with the CEO of the brand over the phone.

That was a GREAT sign. I love when the creator of a brand is hands on. That shows me that you care about your brand and you’re completely aware of everything going on. Shaterra L. Williams, the gorgeous woman behind the brand, is who I spoke with. She was very professional and down to earth. We discussed mental health as well. She made it very clear that I could contact her at any time if there was something going on. I left our conversation feeling excited to represent her brand. A few days later and I now have a lingerie set and promo code to share with you! (Promo Code: LUCAS20)

The set that I will be reviewing today is called ‘High Vibrational‘. It’s a two piece lime green fishnet set. There are hemp leaves imprinted all throughout the top and bottom. The material is extremely stretchy and comfortable. This particular piece is see through and I wish I had found my oui’d pasties before I started taking pictures. Couldn’t find them, but next time they will be in the photo.

I’m a oui’d lover myself so I was floored when she sent me this one. Didn’t think I mentioned it over the phone, but it was funny to me how she just KNEW. I would say you can be lenient with sizing for this one. That material is indeed going to STRETCH. Soft, stretchy, comfortable material. I’m not usually into two pieces, but I felt so sexy and happy in this. This isn’t the first time I’m wearing it. When I first put it on I walked around my apartment taking plenty of videos, and some photos. I was blessed with natural sunlight through my windows so I was definitely taking advantage.

If you’re a fellow stoner babe, I IMPLORE you to get this one.

I’m happy to be a brand ambassador for Shaped By You Lingerie. Happy and proud. I truly can’t get over the first conversation I had with Shaterra. She cares about her brand and all of those involved. I can’t wait to see further growth from this brand and I’m so excited to be involved! ๐Ÿ’•

Thank you for reading! Thank you for stopping by and chilling with me. I know it’s a bit late in the day. I was running around trying to find manga. Found the latest Junji Ito. Got the first installment of Chainsaw Man. Had them order Lovesickness by Junji Ito for me. I would have ordered the second installment for Chainsaw Man, but girl they couldn’t do that. It’s up and it’s stuck for these manga artists, forreal.

Also….I’m going to be on podcast! We are recording the episode tomorrow, and I’ll double check when everything goes live. There will be audio and visual. I’m excited to get on there and do my thing! And probably a little nervous. Mostly excited. Either way, it’s gonna be a good jawn.

See you next time babes.๐Ÿ’•

Vinyl Savage

Finishing up these vinyl reviews aaaannnnddd dropping some new info on yah๐Ÿ’•

I couldn’t get enough of the latest SavageXFenty fashion show. One collection in particular slammed me into a chokehold. That collection being the vinyl collection. I’ve covered a few pieces, and now I’m going to cover the remaining few.

Leather Tease Vinyl Strapless Teddy (Large)

Leather Tease Vinyl Bustier (Large)

Leather Tease Vinyl Booty Short (XLarge)

Make a Scene Vinyl Gloves

Now I’m giving you some photos of the gloves. When you get them all the way on they look AMAZING. It’s going to be a challenge, but you can do it. They may feel too tight at first, but keep stretching and reaching through the material. You will get there to that sleek skin tight look. My only issue with them is that it’s hard to use them when it comes to touch screens. I ended up using Nezukos’ paw to swipe through music. (I thanked her profusely and let her know she was a valuable member of the team.) Other than that I don’t have anything negative to say about them.

This bustier is giving waist trainer. It’s a little tight, and I think sizing up would have given me a better fit. Quite easy to put on if you’re used to the snap and pull around method. It’s not like it was crushing ribs and I couldn’t breathe. It fits, but I wonder if the fit could have been better. My tits look succulent and that’s always a plus. Also I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my previous vinyl post, but this material is hot. Hot as in once I got done taking photos/videos I was sweaTY. So keep that in mind when you purchase. It’s perfect lingerie for the fall/winter, tbh.

The boyshorts I got in a XL because I wanted a comfortable fit no matter what. With these anyway. In my experience sizing up is better than sizing down. And bitch I was right. Fell in love with these the minute I put them on. My booty was looking right and those curves were being shaped. I have the shorts on just by themselves because I didn’t like the look of them with the bustier. These would look better with the other bra counterparts. Or if you like it with the bustier? Do you. There’s no wrong way to do any of this.

Now this teddy? I remember stopping everything and looking for it the minute I saw it on that runway. I was foaming at the mouth. Screaming, crying, throwing up; I had to have it. I checked the website frantically and it was nowhere to be found. Then October 1st came around. And would you know it. This very teddy was in the Xtra VIP box. Bitch I fell out.

Once I recovered, I bought the teddy.

I will be completely honest, it didn’t really live up to my hype. It’s a high leg teddy with a snap button closure on the back. When I first put it on, I thought I had a weird torso. Wasn’t my torso I just needed to pull it all the way up until it couldn’t go anymore. That’s what you gotta do. Pull it onto the body to really get that good fit. Pull with the power of Zeus. Don’t mind doing the work, just don’t want the work.

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