Butter Pink SEX KTTN

Alright, listen up. Grab the measuring tape now because some items I’m talking about are already sold out and the others are on they last leg. We are talking Laina Rauma today, girlies.

Micro Mesh Adjustable Bralette (Butter Pink, L)

Nylon Mesh Garter (Butter Pink, XL)

Adjustable Bikini Panty (Butter Pink, XL)

Crotchless Panty (Butter Pink, XL)

(I would shop the sale section ASAP. There are a few sizes left in some pieces that she dropped late last year. All of these items I’m talking about today are either on sale or sold out. There are a few other colors available! Red, white, and black. Take a look around, you never know.)

Laina Rauma is all about comfort and sex appeal. The pieces look beautiful alone, but they are made to be layered upon one another. It’s a look. The bra, the panties, the garters. It all comes together in a real classy way.

The mesh is thick enough where you don’t see anything. The tease is in the outline. In photos you can see the imprint of my nipple piercings, but not the nipple. I spent all day getting content in this. Taking photos and some video. It’s comfortable, sexy, and I’m SO GLAD I got it in pink. I don’t have enough pink lingerie. As it says in the titles, both bra and regular panty are adjustable. When it’s adjustable if you fuck up in sizing, you can fix it.

The regular panty did feel baggy at first, definitely looked baggy. Once I adjusted the straps to my body? Perfection. Looks great alone, and it adds something more with the crotchless panty. I love her crotchless panties. I have a blue pair, in a large. *chefs kiss* The material is soft, stretchy, and breathable. Very comfortable fit for the nether regions.

I did the same with the bra. Adjusted it to my body. I was having a real body positive moment in that mirror. Feeling good and looking good in my sexy pink lingerie. My OF subscribers are going to be spoiled this month. The bra was specifically made to be pretty and cute and it says that on the website. So you won’t get much stability and support here.

I made the adjustments needed and it looks like a very skimpy bikini. That’s the vibe. A sexy tease. I already see this bra and panty combo being a staple for me this summer. Paired with this little scarf I got from the hair store? I see it, I’m manifesting it. Plop a flower in my hair. It’s my summer look.

The garter still rides up my thighs when I walk. I have to adjust it in photos when I move around, BUT! it’s good jawn. I have big thighs so it’s a given. I might fuck around and see what’s left in my size off the garters alone. I don’t feel constricted, and somehow I ended up wearing this one set the entire day. It’s that comfortable.

Do you have any Laina Rauma pieces? From what drop?👀

Thank you for tuning in! I highly recommend that you follow her Instagram and sign up for that mailing list on the website. Make sure you check out the site today if you can! There are plenty of items on sale that will never be on that website again.

As for what’s going on with itsthegartersforme.com? I want ya’ll to know I am so happy Giantess won the poll for Fetish Of The Month! My own favorite fetish that I LOVE to talk about. One that I enjoy playing with myself. 😈

Once again thank you so much for reading my review today! I appreciate you and I’ll see you next time. 💕

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