I’m so happy to have you here! I’m so happy you’re reading my first post of 2022! I have a good feeling about this year for me and all of those around me. I ended my year on a GREAT note.

I was invited to talk on a podcast during that last week of December! Late Night With Ler and Lionel is a podcast hosted by two Philly natives. I had so much fun talking kink and answering a few emails from listeners with them. The episode is titled “Spank Me ft. Lucas“. You can find them on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and they even have merch! I’ll link all of their links here so you can check them out.

I booked a Cosplay shoot with another Philly creative. Said shoot is coming up this week! I’m revisiting an old Cosplay with a few new ideas. I don’t have any professionally done Cosplay photos so I’m SUPER excited to see how everything turns out. I’ll also be working on another kinky project with them down the road. We’ve been mutuals on twitter for a minute, and just recently started planning things. I truly love that for us.

This year is all about taking chances. Doing shit that is scary and anxiety ridden. 2022 is the you stop beating yourself up about your content and just put that shit out. I say this for myself and anyone else reading. I STILL have some content that hasn’t seen the light of day because I deem it imperfect. To be completely honest somebody would eat this shit right up, so I need to say fuck it and upload it.

I’m getting out of my head today and forever. Oh! I also took myself out. on a lunch date for New Years Eve. It being NYE didn’t really mean much to me. I just wanted to do something meaningful before the year was up. I went to this ramen place I’ve always wanted to go to and bought every damn copy of Komi Can’t Communicate 1-15 that I could. It’s out of order like shit, but best believe I was getting Komi Can’t Communicate.

This is truly going to be a good year for me, and I can’t wait to see all that unfolds.

Thank you for reading and stopping by! It’s always a pleasure when you take time out of your day to read what I write. It’s always appreciated and puts a HUGE smile on my face! 😁

I’ll have a lovely lingerie review up for you tomorrow! 💕

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