Journal Entry: 1

So a ton of shit is going to change around here. I’m going to start making more personal posts, and change formatting for others. I never really know how to start off a post so let’s just jump right in.

I feel like I should talk about October. October was the month of realizing things. The month I peeped my own growth. I found out just how fucking resilient I was. Know most of my filming equipment broke. Apparently I’m heavy handed and these Amazon ring lights and tripods aren’t built for me. My huge ring light is still functional, but I have nothing to hold my camera on it with. That jawn broke. So I was using a tripod with bendy legs. Girl, why one of the legs give out? Broke off. Completely. Donezo.

With all of these weather and time changes, my lighting situation shifted. My laptop was so full of content I finally had to go buy a damn USB. (I didn’t know they made USB’s for MAC so I ordered an adapter from Apple like a dummy. Tell me why I go into Target and find a USB for MAC?)

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, as if having my own technical issues weren’t enough. Two clips sites that I’m on start revising EVERYTHING. What you can say. Updated identification. Compliance Forms. Implementing “clip reviews”. Girl. So what happened was…

Mastercard switched up their requirements so anyone under them had to fall in line. Fall in line or halt your money to go somewhere else I suppose. Capitalism don’t stop for nobody.

What does this mean for whores like me? Now, when I put out a clip, it has to go through a review process. All of my older clips are also being put under this same process. Some of my best selling clips that were uploaded months ago are still in review. A clip that I set to go live for Nov.6th is still under review.

Low tangent approaching, please hold.

Mind you, before all this, this same site decided that they were archiving all content that has not sold in 12 months. A statement, from said site, firmly put, “This is not a budget or storage issue. We are simply seeking to enhance the user experience by removing content that doesn’t sell.”. First of all, who are you to say something isn’t going to sell? Different clients come at different times and want different things. You’re taking away the opportunity for someone to find that one particular clip from their favorite creator. You’re also belittling the time and effort that said creator is putting into their work.

No one asked me about how this would affect my plans. There were no polls to fill out, no discussions, no emails to respond to. It was simply, here are the rules, and here’s what you need to do now. This was for sure a kick in the gut for my motivation. I hustled my ass off for October. Before all of this happened I already scheduled to take the first week of November off. Still took that week off. Watched some good ass movies and thought about revisions for here and my socials. Light activities.

It gave me time to process and think about everything going on. Thought it would also give them time to review my clips, lol no. I’ve been playing around with establishing a favorite clip site for a while now. A site that allows me to be as creative and nasty at my own freewill. They were in the running. Not so much anymore.

So that happened.

Besides that I’ve been working out. Consistently! I have finally found my workout groove! Now, I’m not complete unless I’ve completed my series of exercises for the day. I follow Blogilates on Youtube, I’ve been following her for YEARS. She’s body positive, upbeat, and motivating. I feel damn good after I’ve completed some prayer pulses. Arms fit. Carry all the bags in one trip. But seriously I’m surprised at myself, not gonna lie.

I’ve been making time for my workout routine and I don’t feel complete without it. I thought I would be talking about that for this first installment. But I really wanted to get this clip site bullshit off my chest.

If you made it all the way here, THANK YOU FOR READING. Look at you. You’re cool. You do cool shit. I like you. Nah, but I truly appreciate that you took the time out to read my writing. As you can see this is going to be the vibe for a Journal Entry. Me telling you about how life trying me.

Not even gonna hold you, completed my workout for today and my shoulders feel like they could use some tiger balm. I’m gonna get out of here and finish my sushi. Along with this blunt and my bubble tea.

Stay blessed up and have a great weekend!

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