Seductive Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope you take some time out to indulge in self care today. Take today to relax and reflect a bit on the past week. Set a goal or two for the upcoming week. Get out there and try something new! I always take Sundays to relax and recoup. It’s the one day I try to give myself for pure relaxation. Positivity. Clear thoughts. Planning.

This Sunday I bring you a set by Lush Lavié.


Upon first touch the bodysuit is very soft. Very soft and very stretchy. This was definitely a piece that I had to play around with. Along with the bottom being transparent, your nipples are going to show as well. No big deal, this is lingerie not every day clothing. Although you could wear this bodysuit out with some pasties, or not whatever floats your boat. When I say I had to play around with it a little, it felt like the torso portion of the bodysuit was quite short. Of course that can be fixed some with adjusting the straps on the shoulders.

I like the cut of the bodysuit because once you do get it to properly fit your body it looks amazing. It’s a pretty high cut and because of the material you can pull this further up. If it’s in your ass crack that’s completely fine. This bodysuit also makes your ass look amazing. Now it can be worn by itself or you can pair this with some accessories. I chose to do gloves and then a harness type contraption later on down the line. Simple pieces that you can dress up are really dope. Simple solid color pieces are a staple in any lingerie closet/drawer.

My only issue with this piece was getting my boobs to properly fit. They were in, they were covered by the lace, but the wiring at the bottom didn’t lay flat against my breast bone. Ever since I read that book by Cora Harrington (Intimate Details) I feel like I’m hyperaware of anything around my breasts and whether it’s a good fit or not. This doesn’t make the piece ruined, just something to be mindful of. It’s a small adjustment session each time I put it on. Then again that’s with any piece of lingerie. Adjusting and finding your perfect fit. Adjusting the lingerie to YOUR body for the perfect fit. Not you having to adjust your body for the lingerie. Don’t believe in that shit around here.

Unfortunately this set is all sold out, but there are several great options on their website. I highly recommend the following: OBSESSED, LUSH, LUCID, CLIMAX. They also have a discount code out right now. By using FANTASY20 you can receive 20% off your order😁

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read! I hope you have an amazing Sunday and rest of the week.


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