Today we are looking at a few items: All from SavageXFenty

Embroidered Lace Corset

Embroidered Lace G-String

Love Language Fishnet Thigh Highs

Bad Behavior Mesh Gloves

The corset is was got me, but I figured if I was going to buy that I needed everything else for a LOOK. Plus I wasn’t able to get a corset in my size the first time she dropped some. I got mine in a large, and you best hurry up and try to snag what you can because the corset is selling out FAST. As I type this only a few sizes are left. Folks is hip. Now on to the review. The corset comes with garters which are removable. There are small hooks at the bottom and top which can give you more security. There’s also a cute little bow at the top. When I tied the bow after lacing myself up it didn’t really do much for me, so it’s more of a cute little center piece.

Don’t know how to lace up a corset? Youtube! I’ve attached a link that I went to when I needed a quick refresher.

Once I was all laced in? I felt so damn sexy. Definitely breathable. I was smoking a blunt and didn’t pass out so I’ll definitely be using this for some smoke fetish content in the future. I had put the G-String on before the corset. I got that in a large and I probably needed medium. I’m team fat cat, but it was DEFINITELY roomy in the pussy area. Very comfortable though! I made it do what it do. So after I had that on and I was all laced up I my corset I decided it was time to buckle in my fishnets. At first I thought they would be okay standing alone without the garters. That’s a look too. But then I started walking around a little and THEY started falling down a little.

I started buckling them into the garter belts and the back is what got me, that was a workout. You could always pre-buckle them and just put them on as you put on the corset, you feel me? Because it WAS a workout. Leaning back, stretching, trying to make sure I didn’t damage anything. Nothing was ruined and I properly got myself in there. The stockings are SO soft and I can see myself reaching for them for multiple occasions. I’m not a stocking girl AT ALL, but these SavageX stockings are something else. They feel good and they make me look good.

Last but not least, the mesh gloves. Such a simple part of the ensemble, but it truly adds to the sultry vibe of it all. I’ve been getting more sets with gloves lately and I HIGHLY encourage it. Definitely have to be careful when it comes to makeup and other things that my transfer onto the gloves though. Overall it adds such a sexy classy vibe. You’ll want to touch yourself all over with these gloves. Do all types of sexy hand tricks. Once again this is where that smoking fetish can come into play.

When you see something you like? Get that shit because you KNOW you’re going to look good in it. Treat yourself. Indulge in self-love. Don’t sit around waiting for the “perfect” body, the “perfect” weight. Baby the perfect body is the one you’re in right now. Don’t see your size? Fuck them. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not on you, it’s on them. This world is centered around Eurocentric body standards. There are brands out there who are making clothes for you, there are brands who are making lingerie for you.

I have stretch marks, scars, thighs, belly, all that. And none of that is bad or anything that I should be ashamed of. That’s never going to stop me from wearing what I want to wear and it shouldn’t stop you either.

As always thank you for stopping by and reading, thank you for being you. 💕

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