These Panties Are Comfy

I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret anymore. Worked there once. That’s not why I stopped shopping there. That was a story in itself. Constantly being told to push the sale and not pushing confidence. No pushing being comfortable with your body. Sell sell sell. Girl, I didn’t need that job in college. I quit.

I stopped buying from them when they said that Trans women weren’t the fantasy. That was more than enough for me. I felt no need to further buy into their bullshit.

I’m not going to sit here and say that I still don’t have panties from VS, but….if I’m being completely honest? They are all being moved to a little cubby to be sold off. Sold off straight to panty loving panty sniffers. So they move from my regular panty drawer on to the purchase drawer.

The panties that I’m keeping in my regular drawer? Target panties. Comfy mutha fuckin Target panties.

The brand, Auden, to be specific.

Comfortable, breathable, and they come in so many cute styles and colors. I slept on these, but I snore no more.

I bought about 5 pairs and I’ll be returning for more.

My favorite pair so far is this cute yellow thong. Covers my pussy and makes my ass look great. Might take some pics in it for my AVN.STARS on a Self-Care Sunday sometime soon.

This is a short little post that I had in my drafts. NEEDED to get it out. Thank you for stopping by and reading this one. I’ll have a regular lingerie review going up next week. 😁

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