✨Self-Care Sunday✨

When I first started out in SW, a fellow FinDomme would hashtag Self-Care Sunday every Sunday and discuss how she was taking of herself. She would urge the rest of us to participate after a long week of hustling and making that money. Even in college I would set aside a day where I would just do whatever I wanted in the name of me.

No matter what you do, life is wild. Anything can happen at any moment, but you should always make sure that you’re good. Indulging in yourself and things that you love for an ENTIRE day is the greatest recharge you can get. There are no tricks, no have to do’s, no rules. Self-Care Sunday is all about what YOU want to do.

This is what I chose to do for my ✨Self-Care Sunday✨

Playing The Sims: So my Self-Care Sunday started really early. Like really early. Like at 1 in the morning. When I tell you I can play the Sims for hours? I can Play. The Sims. For hours. I downloaded that new Snowy Escape pack so I’ve been having ALL types of fun with that. I was pretty miffed that there wasn’t a lesbian couple already in one of the playable households, but they in the damn gallery. Anywhore, I’m shit at decorating huge spaces like an entire apartment so I had the brilliant idea of creating my apartment in Sims to decorate it and get ideas.

It took a long damn time, and it isn’t perfect space wise, but it’s good enough. As for the snowy escape pack? It’s still cool (even though it left out the lesbians). There are new foods, clothing, new ways to get your Sim famous, AND you can choose to either leave the vacation homes as is or turn them into residencies. I think that’s a pretty cool feature. I’ll be back at this tonight, trust.

Make A Smoothie: Real simple, but it makes me feel rejuvenated. I once made smoothies for an entire summer. I would make em for anyone who came over the house. I was obsessed, probably still am. Today my smoothie consisted of frozen strawberries, frozen mangoes, a fresh banana, and coconut water. I’d give it a 7/10, she was a thicK one. I made one last Sunday that was fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, and frozen raspberries with coconut water. THAT one was really good.

I usually make enough that could fill two glasses, so I store what’s left in my mason jars. On some Pinterest shit or whatevah.

Wear Some Lingerie: When I look good I feel good. You don’t need a single reason on this earth to buy lingerie. You can buy it just because you want to. You can wear it just because you want to. Heading outside today I put on one of my favorite Savagex bodysuits under my cozy winter wear. I forgot how good I looked in it. I forgot how much I loved the way it hugged my body and made my ass look. Overall, the entire look was AMAZING.

I also did my makeup. Doing my makeup is a real calming experience for me. I play some music and I just make art on my face. No rules to that either. Just doing what feels good to me. I’m back to playing with colors again thanks to a colorful palette and I’ve been serving some looks.

Buy New Headphones: So my headphones had the AUDACITY to stop working on the right side. If anything I thought the left side was going to fail me. I smooth went to go put them on and ended up looking like the photo below.

Deadass me. Face full of pain.

Soooo I took my ass outside and got a new pair. Music is what drives my creative juices. It also makes me really fucking happy. So I took my ass to Target and made a purchase. The first time I tried a pair of Beats Headphones on I was astounded. I heard nothing but the sound from the headphones. It was peace. There are moments where I’ve put my Beats on with nothing playing just to block out sound to calm my anxiety. I’ve been playing a ton of BMTH lately so that’s the first thing I played in these new jawns.

Mind My Business: This could be a plethora of things. Just means I’m gonna bullshit and stay outta the way. Definitely going to get into some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping because I didn’t get a chance to do any this weekend. Might watch a movie. I cleaned and organized my apartment throughout the weekend so there isn’t much to be done there.

OH! I’m also going to do Skin Care tonight and take a hot shower with a body scrub.

These are just a few things that really impact my Self-Care Sunday. I used to think Sundays were the most boring days on earth. Now I really appreciate Sundays because they are most likely the only days I get to myself. I may read, do some light work, hit some nightly yoga, meditate, the list of Self-Care goes on. As long as you’re taking care of you, you’re doing it right.

Also I would like to note, I’m moving all posts concerning self-love, mental health, self-care to Sundays!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

How did you take care of yourself this Sunday? How are you going to make sure you’re cared for this week going forward?

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