CEI Fetish

Welcome to *Fetish Friday, the Fetish that won the pole this month was:


CEI stands for cum eating instruction.

You heard that right. Cum. Eating. Instruction. As in, where someone is given instructions on how to eat their own cum, or they could eat the cum of someone else. Either way, eating cum is definitely involved. CEI may also be paired with JOI (Jerk Off Instruction).

The first time I did CEI was with a sub I owned at the time. He was begging me to cum, and I was going to let him. I was even going to let him have a snack at the end. He jerked, jerked, jerked, and jerked until he shot his load in a glass for me. He then proceeded to drink it. For me. All of this was done for me simply because I wanted it. Wish I still had that damn video.

If you want to cum for me you’re going to taste it.

You’re going to know what exactly you’re putting into your body and exactly how it is effecting you. That is MY personal take on CEI. You can also get REALLY creative with this fetish. You can use cum as the mayo to a sandwich and make your sub eat it, just one little example. CEI is a GREAT fetish to pair with cooking if you ask me.

The fetish itself is pretty self-explanatory so this post will be pretty short. I may update it if I feel something just HAS to go here, but for now I think this is enough. Thank you for reading!

*Fetish Friday: to make room for more lingerie posts, I’m moving all fetish posts to the third Friday of the month.

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