“Your ass looks like a pumpkin” 🎃

Said my partner as I walked into the bedroom. Was it the look I was going for? Very much so, yes. I had been CRAVING some orange in my lingerie closet. I expected them to be the pop of color I needed, but I didn’t expect them to be SO COMFORTABLE!

The OBSESSED Panties from Lush Lavié

They come in SEVERAL colors and I’ll be damned if I don’t have them all! It’s easy to see why they have been named the OBSESSED panties, you’re going to become obsessed the MINUTE you put these on. They aren’t tight in the crotch area like some crotchless panties can be. The sizing goes from S-6XL and they definitely have stretch to them. I feel that I could have gotten a medium and still been just as happy.

The ass pics I took in these were immaculate, every single one. Won’t be posting any here because I focused solely on the back part of the panty, and my entire ass is out.

You can the pics here at: stars.avn.com/LucasInLingerie

How to care for your OBSESSED Panties:

I HIGHLY recommend hand washing them or washing them with just panties alone on a light cycle of the washing machine. Because they’re so soft they are pretty delicate. I made the mistake of washing them with a bra. It snagged the lace a little bit, but didn’t ruin them. They’re still good!

I can’t wait to get more. ✨😁✨

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