✨Life Updates✨

So much has happened. Let’s use some bullet points shall we?

  • I moved into that apartment. It’s my first week here and I’m still moving things around and organizing. It’s great to finally have my own space of solitude. My own space to create. A space of complete silence if that’s what I choose it to be. It’s lit.
  • Remember that bad boi piece of information? Weeeellll……! I was chosen to be a whole Brand Ambassador. A Brand Babe to be more precise. For the beautiful luxurious lingerie brand, LushLavié. I waited day and night for that email after I sent in my application. Checking my emails NON-STOP. Girl, I jumped up and down on my bed when I got the news. Picked for an opportunity to talk about lingerie and just be myself.
  • I opened a fan page for folks to view lingerie pieces and lewd cosplays. stars.avn.com/lucasinlingerie. This is completely separate from my actual form of Sex Work which contains more fetish play. I want this page to be a place for the ladies, the femmes, the bad bitches. It’s free to sign up, follow, and view most of my posts. I’ll definitely be posting lingerie pieces that I wear and talk about here over there! =)
  • I stopped drinking FOR GOOD. My stomach and my mental can’t keep up with it anymore. It’s not for me. I’m still 420 friendly, and even with that I’ve had to make some transitions. No more backwoods. Hemp and glass. Trust me, I’m a bitch that loved her backwoods, but I gotta do better for health reasons. Luckily I’ve already found some GREAT alternatives.

I’m grateful for everyone who reads my blog, I’m grateful for anyone who retweets my content on twitter. I’m grateful for anyone supporting me in all that I’m doing.

I’m transitioning back into my regular schedule of fetish clip filming and Domming with all of these new projects on top. So bear with me as I get everything just right for myself and ya’ll.

I feel like I’m doing a lot, I definitely have a lot that I want to write about. I have plenty of books I want to read, PLENTY of lingerie places to share with ya’ll, but not enough time to mind my business and play the Sims. And if you know me you know I LOVE me some Sims and they are smooth coming out with a new pack soon, and that jawn is gonna bang more than the Star Wars one. (You know it is don’t even act like it’s not.)

Also today marks 4 years that my girlfriend and I have been together so I’ll be spending time with her doing lovey dovey things. 💕

This marks the end of this post.

Thank you for reading! Posts that are definitely coming this month are:

Fetish For The Month: CEI

Lingerie Review(s): LoveVera, LushLavié

For the latest updates on my blog and voting on fetishes make sure you’re following my twitter: LucasInLingerie

Have a great day! Wear yah mask, wash yah hands, and love yaself!

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