I want to share my thought process a bit more.

I’m someone who needs to think about something before I do it.

Tons of planning, tons of thinking about the what ifs, even some creeping thoughts of doubt. Fuck doubt.

This is a platform that I can’t be COMPLETELY free as far as pictures go and some words. Some shoots have a little too much ass, too much nipple, it’s just too damn much. Oh, and it’s not a bad thing. NEVER a bad thing. Simply the kind of thing that could get this account banned.

We don’t want that. I know I surely don’t want that.

Was it a mistake in my part on not reading the fine print? YUURRRPPP.

Am I still going to navigate and spread the word on whatever I want? YURRRPPP, just going to do it differently.

Now back to the subject matter of having these photos that obviously need to be seen. There’s a website that I have in mind. It will allow free previews, and a pay wall of +18 plus content. Maybe even some videos if I’m feeling generous. Will you find that link here? Nope. Will you find that link on my twitter? Mhhhhmm.

I have some content I could drop for the site, but I would love to build up more. I’m also in the process of getting my shit together to move, fiddling around with Halloween projects, taking care of some personal matters, and JUST starting this blog. So I probably wouldn’t launch it for a few weeks, but just know the idea is slowly brewing.

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